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fMpw Cure Cjmí'j. Cold. ffimiifi, Ij!i4V#OTk e;T íí'íí ítrtttifit or Soriíuta ul ike ÜL9ÊÈKgBÊk ''"' ' '■"'i '■' I" rc ■' ■'"■ " Z Omth íillJBPnfS i í C'3]Litmpthm , Pi otichi'l Alh tüIlRÜUM3 mo, fïwrf Ca'arh. CUcir and pyOBÊÊnjl xir? strctifth 'o thevoice of Üïll!iïS5r PUBLIC SPKíKEtt. iÖI nrxi SríteKRS, ' ru r .iw-Mif nf iiniiíMtneouf clie'tíii;e Coup?i won Cold" mits flri stflge; tlmt whieh tu li.bfginning would yicM t' i mild rm ■■:■. it r . '.non attncka the . 'Brown'a RmirhisJ Tri runiamingdímu'.rfnt ingredknta 1W l'nlaosafy uno BroncliuM Irr bation, BROWN'S 'ThM troubl. in my Tljnmr, (Cor whlcli the "Trochen" are a spiviBc) Eavlng madv TDnnur mc íltí mi-ir whiaberer," 1 ROCHES N p vfiíxjs. "I ivomni'nO theirue lo !'rMKj.-PR.KISROWN'S " REV E. H. CHAI IX. "Jlavc prored txtremei? serrtattMi foi IKOLHLb RKV. HE.VRY VARI) JOXCHER. ífAlmoát in.s'jini rejfel [n li!(]: BROWN'S lalKKoi fcraillúi; pecullnr n AWBSji." HKV.A. C EtiíilJBsTWí. 1 KOCHtS ,o,..i liJt a.A. HAYKS. Chcmist, Bnuton. BKOWIí'S "A ".p'! nJ pleannnl combinatinn for . DE. 0. F. BIüELOW. TOAinro Boston. 1 KUtUiO "Beuotkml in ER.ivriiiTis." Mi. J. 1". W. I.AXE, BROWN'S ,„ , Bortón. "I havo mu-..-.] them excellent f.r TROCHEü i;rv. II. v. WAür;:', liosutn . BROWN'S "Bpfl''ii'l 1 coic!!!!.!] to sj.rak, iUBénug frum Coi D.' ' IKOOHttft. Louis. "EfTectunl inrcmoving Rnarei:(.'iis aurl BROWN'S 'TiUtion of tlie Throat, so cummun wiUi Si'ltAKnRS añil Hi;ri3.'' lhOütih, UGrange. Q, Teacher oTMu-ic tJouthern BROWN'S ,„. , Femiile College, "di-L'at brncfit wheD t.iKon bi.-fure anO Tn-ir.rri7= f'cr .raicliinj, as thpy i,ruvont HoarseI KULUItiS ncss. Fruin tljfir past effect, I ihin!( tlivy iviii be lí' piTiüuH'nt adrantugo Jo me." BROWN'S i;m.k. íuiwi.i.v, a m. troches nttcgS'ï ÜSistSttt gy: IiUNG & BL0OD 8 N F B R ÍY1 A RY . Ftshcr's Block Wvodward Ave Detroit ', J0. S. J, CARPRPÍTEH Sí KAI.VAllD. (-} , . DOCTORS gen. ralíy pretm] tbat Consnmpflo U iojurabii-, beoau liny cunn it curo it CheíOHelTea: but thln dooa not make it irr-. Warflf mfcbaaic wiü wgrk on a j L U $iy ud fte ■ doing aotbing but po;! the mht:rtfll th-v v iii te!l yon t nevrr can be done in the way you wiiñt it. I!ut I ing to a befiCM1 woilunnn - itee who th' r understan-K bis business - you wil] g:t your i i eompllshed n ahape, ín tbis respoct tticre is tLo sanio diiTrrenco to be f"im! in all truRs un-1 pr ■ .■...■ ln,nglrs in mocli'inísni, in Ui e art, in !;iv, in tlxcology, ast] m pbysíe, vill síty siich tftlüffs catabet áoné ;.n i it a truc that tbey pould not beil all men v ra lik tlietn■elrea. But there ia another cIush of men, and tliese, '.vln-n t:uy take rour ca-e tn IiíukI, do tbe j'jbíis you want it, or ivt ri' y-'-u tr heftltb, ace r ing to 'l'-irc. W have ún'y to Rimbei tí II net l un lerstaud il one pbvficiiui sbóuld pr utoaoce iliat incurable whícb anutber can cure. ín mcbaiilcá, weHometiines find t':at b" a poaspssiftn of BUpftrigf rnetrni, by mnac ncw inveution, cí' hich lie has the bmo osé, or by tlie trffiáíei íiíjfrtity ff his mind, onr person will mnVc or ilo what no nthfr onn. ExaCtly it may be .io i:i pbysio. Aad this t Uu v..Tv n-a:ion why I hive such graot s:ieejw over al! otbera tu tbe triíinnt of Couamptioa. Jíy ha ving the original genius, by posseming tbe Laug-Meter, hich uablefl me to cjearly determine tbjt nature of llie diAeaaean 1 by harioUtib rem idíes fot Cousuraptionas no (itluT riiysiciiin ever bad, malte bold ti hay ihni I liavt-, and can HlVeí a coro ot' tbis (H6U6 bcvoml Ihe rach of any other man. To prow tbis to buen tbe cae, I miglit gno you numborn upon number." of certiíicnts from mea od women fíven over to tho prave, who liave been reuctted and restqred lo licn't'i by tbe pusevering uso o f my remeditii for Cunsumtíon. iïut it ia not ,tc( s-;a' y fr mo to do no here, for (be fact of one man domg wbat another cnnnot cnnnot, is evident toali men of eoinimm ente. Jf the Cuosumptive wiihe.s furlhcr proof than ilii, T can only wy. come Mil fiatisfy yourself by tri-.l of my skill Id tbe cure of your complait Doctor Carpnter will vUit Y"psílant.aJKl Ann Arbor, during 1860-61 . Ann Arbor. at Cooki Hoiel, Sd axu1 ■I tU of citch montb; Uawkífi tloune, YpHilácti, 5th and Oih of pacli inoitt'I'lit' remaínder i f the t me, he wi;i bo found at his Luníinn.'ity En-4Detrolt ly"73. of tü; coc.t:ej of Washtenaw & Lenawee, Mich , From Official Rtcords and Special Surveyí. By BECHLEE, WEB? & CO, and GEIL & HASLEY, Beíng fucecracra to Gcil & Harley , Topographlcfcl Ssg1, rs of M.'ips of t'ie Comí i les of ílülísdl'1, Brjjicb . sí, Jü6cpb,Cath iun, Jackaon c&} Van Burt-u, iíerricn, Wayne, Genesee, Kalamafconj Phi;iwRSS(íe, Mt at ie, lia eomb, &t, Ctalf, he, Michigan; Loraine, .'eI:.■l, Be., Oblo; MJagap, Éi fe, Cattaiaugu, Grecne, Paratoga, &c , Vew íoríí; Monmoutli, Uortds, 4ow Nw . i ■ i - .- f ; ; City o: ReaUiugrc, Penn.;Laporte, cc.( Icdiana- ote , au, Tbo un1ra'$aed %re preparing ío p-jbüsh, by Subrcriition. a n.'-.v nrul c mbinod Man nf thè Couhlieíi of XÍAtffi TKXd'.v a;itl Lknawkit, íIkujg.'N, frora carpí ul Burveys ol the enfii'c i'it'ict, made expressiy for Hiíb worlt, nnd fVom Offlcfa! Beoordaaní other reliable Information.- The Map will delineóte iDnutdly tht v;u-iuis Geogrphical and Töpogniphical leamres oí theCounliea, umon wbich may b& cnumorated the folio Injf: 1. It wU bÏiow all th Townshíp, Sectiott, auá Quarler Lines. 2. It will gene rally show ihr Boundary Lines QfFarmSj and the iiames of rui ïent owners. 3. It will show the loca ti . ti of Public Rondf, diStft. guishing the open ronda from thosv not oponed ■ 4. It witl show the location uí Ohurches, Pchool Booms, Ilotola, MUIs, Üanufactories. Lweliiug, í:hops, &c. 5. It will give thc eour-e of KiverK ind Crooks, and show the location and ouiliiw of all meaodrd Lalas. 6 It wiJloootalo Plaas of kbe Vil lagen, bSiowing tlio Stnwta, Lots, and looatlon of Building. Ekcb Villaje Plan will also contain a J)inv:tTy , givinp the ñames and busineafl of Tillan nabcribem. Tl.c r-corded artd.tíons to Villoges will be distinguished by colors. 7. I will pive ihe course of Rail Rondn completad, &nd nlso as as are now in proeoss of c-n-triicüon. 8. It will contain a D&atBBCe T-ihU, gWíng the liftance by the most diruct openroads, between any t.vo Villages iu the Dietrict 9. It will contain a Business Directory of country subBcrlbers, gw ng t'eirnaiac-s, uccupation, and the section on whioh tin y re-iide. 10. Views of Private Kesidencefl alld prominent BuildiogB, will be engrared on the margin, by epeefaï contract onl. In order to secure au insertien, emrly appllcatiun liould be mude to the Agents in tbeif respective dlítricts. 12. The Map will be neatly engraved, handsomt-ly eol orodj sub.-tautially backtd witt mnslin, anü muunted on roller.-. No pajnn nor expense will be spirrd to ttiske t-hc vmV; in every respect worthv of publie conñdcuce. The prioe of the Map wtH bo at the low rate of .-ix DoUara per copy, payable on dclivoiy. Authorizeti avenís will visitrvery portioii of ilio Dis trict, for the purpose. of perfoctiog the work, and, ut the same time, to olicit patronage, Cpon tbeir cali, will, be the time to subfcribejin order to ubtain the work as it will bo sold by subscriptfen only Commameatlonfl in regard to business portainfng to this Map, f sent to AJfS AUSOB, Mich., will reeeive prompt atlen'ion. GSIIi & HARLEY, FubI'sheis. Xty. A Premlani ris ■■-■e-i fiwardeá by the Michigin State AgricolturalSociety. to Geit., Ha&iev t shikp, for their Cour.ty Hans on yshibition at tho fair, held in Detroit', in 18CO. tíee Circulara which will 'i)3 dissributed. "8Pm3 MOORE & LOOMIS HaTe Removed to tlio STORE REOENTLY OCCÜPIED BY C. MACK, Fhccnix Block.East sido of Msin St., AND ft HAVE In Si oro fffflPlSS A LarS'? STOCK CPip OF BOOTS SHOES Of every Jesciiption whioh will bü SOZiD O IX E 3EP 23 Xï THAiï CAN BE BOUGII? 7,V This City. aIüo a largo assortnaent c' ÏÏOME MANÜFACTÜ U E, Of all kinds raado in the mest Fiishio nab lc Style BY G00D ATD EXPERIENCED WOKKMEN, -OtTPlFRENCH CÁLF BOOTS are N'OTsvrpasskp tlils aido of XewYork City, and are warranted not to kip. Our "?rOGASAND KIP Si. aro made of thc best niateriuls Our stock of Morocco IS o o t e c s for IidioR is the the lest in tov.-n, wiih hefllR fir wtthout We Malte ío Order, tndnever miss of sfnno tbe fi rat time ipffiTeuaa eall auJ wc wijjajiow you free ofcbargfi Wehnvo mcurod the Kervigee of two Experienced Joumeymen, who do 0UTmndinfr in the .Veo-t vat Maniier, and on shorteat notioé. Üur motto ii QuIckSnlesnürt Smal! Fiofiis Tbankful'r pasttkvorfl wt JaöpebypaylDgstrlctatteDtioato our budBftWto merit a liberai Kharo of vour patronal' for tho ! ij uro. JBÍir BnMBiber we uu not to be nndrrvold. "ji fiitiORE & LOOMIS ICE 1 IOB 1 IOB 1 TTHE SCBSCRIBEB l' .r-parc.-l to furnish ICF Í to all iJOróous wiüljiüg, iu .wy jüa:tity lei.:ïm on &hfit notie. KamlUM tupplit-1 wjth the crdixiarv aioPuBt at f I.fiO per meath. Ordu.-s rfsi'-ïctfuiTv" ' Ítí!tc4. tOa C. K SPRING GCJÖDSJ IM C II GOUDS. BACH PIERSOfy HAVE jast openod a large and well selec ted ,-tocl: of SSï3Iit3LS C3-OC3C3.S. latcat steles and patterna iooluding ropLixs, CIIALLIKP, DE LAINTff, TBIMMINGS, H U M M E R S T T; F F S . DOMESTICS, STArLLS, a'l Carefully selectej, Waranted to piense, ami for sale cheap. GO3VX2EI -A.Ti:D 1S22Z3. BACH PIERSP jr.ii-fi.2G, i-en. 79::tf ANTQJiEli A a.AIJIVAl AT THE wfit OLD ANC RELIA BLE IÉ CLQTHINf EMPORIUMÜ Sa-ltJiLN" O. 3 PHCENIX ELOCIC, MAIX STREET. hnffjusi returnod ir na tbc Eatem ('itíes, with a taugi and Jeslrable stock uf FALL AND WINTER p O O X 2 ! wbich he Ís now offerinp at unusually LOTO1 3P 3T2. 1 C 33 S ! Among hls Aásortint'nt may b found BROAÜCLOTIIS, OASSIMERER. DOE KINS, & VEdTlNGS. of all dCBcriptíons, cíipt'cially for FALL AND WINTER WF.Á.U, l whicb he is putting an-1 making to order, in the latent a:i best styk-fi, tíigtítUí-r with a sujrior atisortiiMnt uf READY MADE CL0TU1NC. TF.UNKS CAP.I'ET BAOS, C5TBRÉIÍI.A8, Riil Gentlemen'3 Furnisiiing Goods, e.Htblinbirn?nts. Aa ANEMFOFlüM OFFASiilO,: the subí-.criber 8nítc3tiímelf,tliat binlong Míferíoílíí and eoitera. succt-'.iftiWHl ■ i i ■ ■ i ■ ! Ir.ui io fjïve tïia ptft [■[:.■ tion tn all who miy trust hrr.iiu the way oí m.-Uiuf nat uring ganuents to urdir. Ttvií Wil WTAGXER. S,77G,99i,G.3O VOLUNTE1RS WA?sTED! TO ASSIST IS THE LIBERATION OF CUBA ! ■Vliite follis, or of rrhatevcr color, cnste or nnlivit.y, whoth(r married, single er of á on Ut ful conpt-xion, will be enüsted in ihe nobla cause of EMAXCIPATING THE COMMUNITÏ - FROM THK- THRALDOM OF HIGH PilICES ! and will rcoeive thoir outfit at tlie Estensive Fur nisliins Establishnisut -ÜF TSÏ-G ü I TER MAN' ' HEAD QÜARTE11S! Laving Leen esliiLliblied for the LAST TEN Y E A R , our kaoB rule of warfare is an ITndi suiscd Deslrnctioii OF IIIG1I P RICES! yp o n. o ti o r& xi x 3xr giFor all J.gos! Scx and Chnditione! In ennsrquerce of t.he vcry flittering oneo'.:vagemert whieh we have recíived lineo cvir location iu tliis ciiy, tts have inercaseJ cur Slock of FALL AND WINTER CLOTHINC! To meet the demanda of otir custnmers, and having bocome moro fully convinoed than ever, that out mode of doaling, namelv. at vlie lovest possible ratea for U tho only (rac plan; tpo will continue t: eerve tho public as heretofore duricg tho eomiDg fall and winter. Our ttocli consista in every vnricty of READY MADE CL0THIN0 ! P'i!;in und Fancy CLOTHS, CASSIMKI?. SILK, AN'D S1LK VKLVKTS. A large lot of OENTLEMEN'S FÜRÍNISHINQ GOODS, whieh fvre a!l irairantcd DON 'T FAIL TO o-XjI-a .t 13:. ? For past fa vors we are gratefnl ti) all, Thoeamc lor large ones in preportion, And thosc v!:o sce ñt to cali Shall receivo onr best smiles and devotion. M. Guiterman & Co N. B. Students and all ethei's who wnt to seo SONDHEIM'.S new mod of entting will do ■ell to oall and leave tb.eir n2eaï';re For a Njce Fitting Snit ! I .nn i ■ .', . ' '.-. 1510. ÍS71


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