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Purifying Water For Soldiers

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During warm wvather, soldiurn in camp, m il ujHui maroh, frtijuoiitly can obtain nu ntlier water to ijucnoli tbiir thirst nnd ciok their f". :j J , inau of p-ji.d:, rivers and bro ks. T. esc waters aio frequent I ƒ eharged ttith orgumc matter, wliit-li is liablu tn produee lyseutcry, aiul in maiiy instaiicis, cholera. ■SuI'Ikts suould thoroi'ore bcconie intelligent, go as to provide tor every ontingcucy i Wfcfa The prjs.rvatiou ot' llioir liualth ahoutd beinst os carefuUjr irunrtK'J torn gure otttfii'uey, as gooü disci plinc and u sujiplv uf aiiiinu.iition. A few wiirils opon iiupure water m;iy thorafons bo of great advtnitoge tö mnnv of tlioin, nnd puasibly m:iy lic tlic mcnus of tiaviiig m:iii)' livcg. 1'lie organic inijuirities of water are part I y of vegetable and pirtly of animal orighi, botli of wliioli are very objectionble but the aniüial most of all. These ininiritieii are eontantly undergonig clieinical changos - a ftínuüliting prueoífi - and it ffl-during suefa a state ol uliangc that thc water is dangcruua ; becuusc when taken into the human systuin in thia coiidií ion, it tonda to eiigüiider tlie saine fermet'.ti ig aetion. Tlie nature Of this aetion is not known, but of tho fact llicre can be no doubt. Kapid ruiming streatus, oven if tboj are as brown witli mud as t he Mississippi rivor, andas ííiueh charged with Organio matter, are perfeeily liealthy, because no chemic-al ehatige - 110 fermeutation tkea jtlaCO in them. Sluggish streams and stagnant pools are the most to be dreaded The mud may be tiltered from tho water of a running rivor by merely passítig it through cotton cloth, a piooe Oí a blaukot, or tíannel, and wc would advH9 soldiers to do so in most iustauces. 'J'his simple method of straiuing water will be found a part'al aufegaard f.jr stagnant water, but not a portoet one. - When on luareh, aoldicrs should endeavor to enduro tlitrst with tortltude; and when they rest fur cooking tiieir foüd, they sliould bcil tlie water wliieli thoy intend to earry with thcm for drinking. When eooled and agiiated in the air for a few moments so as toabsorb oxygen, it Wcomes quite plensnut to drink. Nativos of tlie E;tst Indies wlio live in fl;it alluvial diatrieta, w'iere the ponds and rivors are sluggiab and chargcd with organio substonces, boíl tlie water for drmkiiig, and allowit to stand ovur niglit Tliia procesa I hoy say prevenía thoiu ftoui takiog cholera. The reasjn 8 evident to a man of Keienee ; tlie high heat ot' boiling destroya thc forineoting action. Let soldiera tberefore be careful to boil and tilter the inipurc water which tliey, of Docessity,


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