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Drinking Impure Water

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-Set n pitcher of ice water in a room, inhabited, and n a few hours it wül have absorbed from the room nearly ill the reFpircil and porapired gases of the room, the air of which will have beeome pure, hut the water utterly tütliy. This dependa on the fact that the water has the facuky of oondensing and thereby absorbing all the gases, which it does without increasing its own bulk. The colder water i, the greater its capacity lo contain these gases. At ordinaary temperatura a pint oí water will contain a pint of earboilio acid gas, and several pinta of ammonia. This cap;;city is nearly doubled by reduoiog the temperature to that of ice Heneo water, kopt in tho room awhile, is always untit lor use, and should bo ofton renewed wheiher it becomes warm or not. And for the same reason, tlvi water in a putnp stock should all be pumped out in tho morning before any is iisud. That which hns stood in tho pitcher over nijrht is not fit tor coffee water in the morning. Impurc water is more injurióos to the health than impnre aii-, and every person should provide tho means of obtaining fresh pure water for all dotnestie uses .


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