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PUBLIÍHED KrmlY Viiln.i i Miikxino, in th Tliir.l Story ofthc Urick lsloc-k . ornol ■ uf Mam mi Ifurcm 8trerte; Ann Arbor, Washtenaw Co., Michigan, Kntrnnee n Ilurnn Ètreet, opposite thc Franklin. ELIHTJ B, POND Editor anci Fublislier. TE.13IS, Sl,3O A YEAU IB ADVAXCE. ADVEETISING . Onc squaro (12 unes or les) onp week, olí confs; añil 16. oents fox ereecy imsertion ilicicaí'UT, lesi --.m three tnoutlis. )ne guare S mootb.3... .3 Qtiartercol. 1 yoar $20 Dne do 0 cío .... 5 Halfcol'mn B pioa ÍS Dd o 1 year 8 1 lalf te 1 vt'ar íiñ Iwü BQÍrea BmoB 8JO fo fm M CWO do 1 vrar V2 Ono dü 1 y,-;ir 60 Vdvertíseíaents uHocQUipBÍedby written orvarbaujcectíona wiil be publtehed until ordered out, aud eharged tccordinglf. , advertisementfl, first insertion, 50 cents per IIo ;'i Cí'nts per folio for eaelí Bubwqapnf Insertion. VhfTi :i pn-;fpMHMiii-iit a .■■'''i('. to&n ailvortíscmont the ivhule will be ch.irgci tlu UUDfl as for lirst iiiM-rtiun. t'amphU'U, Ilarul-bill, írculars. Carda, Hall Tickets, kad ittiier varieties of 1 m and Fanoy Job Priuting, jxecnted w'ith promptncs. . and in the i;cst style. BOOK bTnLING, f'onnected 'it'a thé Oftue Es a Bonk Bindery in charge f a pnniottMit wnrkman. Cnuiiiy Records, LedBM, luurnals. mi ;tll kiinls ol Klank Books ni;ule lo Ordei% nd of the best '.'tock. Pumphlota and PeriodicaUi bom un c r---:{ and duiable raunner, at Detroit prícei. Eoe to Btndery throuEb irgüs Office.


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