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Maryland Union Convention

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This convention, which asscmbled at Baltimore, unanimouely ndopted a long list of rusolutiotw, on Thursdav veiling iroin wbioh wo extract those óf the most importance : Resolved, That tho revolution now 'm progresa in eleven of tlio States of these United States against the conslitiitional nuthoiity of tha Federal government, is not in rwistance of' any nggression of that governmont, and ', therefore, without escuse or pallietion. licsohcd, That the peoplo of' Mans land are unaiteraMy determined t maintuin and defend the government of the United States of Amerika, their rights to the enjoyment of which was obtained for them by the sacritiees and toils of thcir fathers of the revolutiouary era, shared in comraon by the girrious men üf the thirteen United colonies, and framed and adj usted in all its transeendently boautiful part, as that government was, by tha almost wuporhuman wisdom of thoso wbo had 'm their own persons experienced tho vvrongs and oppresion of rnonarchical government .Tho resulta of that wisdom embodied in tho cont-litution and furm of government of the United States of America, tbe people of Maryland will liold fast to, while thcy will eontinue'to, as they do now, scorn tbe efforts of 'seoessionists, disorganizers and revolntioM-ita to beïtray the:n into a forfoituru of tlieir noblest horitage. Resolved, That tbe imimations mado by the m;ijority of the Legishiture ot this Stato at its late session that the people of Maryland wero " humiliated ' or "subjugated" by tho acticn of tho government were gratuitous insulta to that peoplo. Resolved, That tho dignity of th State of Maryland, involVed 'in a. precise, persistent and elïective rfcogition of all herright. privileges, and immu. nities under the constitution of the United States, will bc vindicaUd at all tunes and under all cii-cumstunces, by those of her sons wbo are sincere in their feality to her and the government of the Union of which she ís part, and popular Minstitutionn'; liberty. liesoced, That it is due to a dear and tfnequivpoal statement of the position of the Union men of Marvlum], compiising an overwhelnuiog inajonty of pur population, to declaro that, while they cbnciir with the present Exeoutlvé of tho United 8tatea that theuni;y and integrily oi the national Uu i D must bc preserved, thuir views oí' the eonstitution, as to the power which it oónfefSj and as to the duties which it enjoins, and the rights which it secures as it relates to, and effects tho queation of hlavery, in many of its esBeotial hearings, is directly öpposcd to tho views of thu Executive ; they aro fixed ia their couvietion.-i, among others, that a just cproprebension of the truo principies of tho' constitution foibids utterly the lormation uf politioal parties on the foundation of the hlavery queation. The Union men of Maryland will oppose to the utmost of their abilïtj all attemps of the FuüoraJ Executive to co mingle in anv manner it peculiar views on the elaverv question with that of m&intaining and defending the just powers of the govcrnnientl It 3 at the same time, to de( laro; that these avovMils are induoeil by , jealous anxiuty to avoi.d future ditScultics nnd complications, rather than by a conviction that anything to which they relate has oucurred in the history of the government since tho assumption of power by tbe present Esecuiivo.


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