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Familar Quotations

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Thero are many expressions n our languagc whoso origiu iá not known, vvhich fall upon our ears evcry day, and have bocomo as familiar as the letters of our alphabet. We give a few whieh wo take from a column fuund in onc of our exchangi's : "A Btill small Toice." - 1 A'mtrs, xix. 1 "Escapcd with the skin of my iooth - J-i eist, L20. "That mine adversary had written a book." - Job xxt. Jö, "Riches certainly make (not take) themselves wiugs." - Proverbs xxiii. 5. "Qf making many books there ia no end." - JSccosiasies xii. 12. " Mako a virtue of uocesity. - Shalf,.spear's Two Gentlemen of Ven ice. "AU tbat gliUcr;,; nat gold usuiliy written, "All is not gold that glitters." - Merchant of J'enice. "It is an iil wind t.urns none to "ood " -Thomas Tassu 1580. "All cry and do wool." - Hailihras. " Count their chickens ere thy're hatched." - Iludibras. "Aa clear as a whistle." - Byron. "Ask me no questions aud I'U t'J.l you no lies." - QoltUmith. "Not niuoh tliu worse for wear." - Coivper. "Tho almighty dollar." - Wiuhmjtm Iroina. 'There ia a good time coming." - Walter Scott in Rob lío. "First in war, first in pcaco, and first in the heartsof his fellow-citizuns." - (not country men.) - 7iestiition$ pr,n-nicd to the Home of Rtpresentiitivea, December, Yi'S), prepared by Oen. llenry Lee,


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