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The President's Views On The Fugitive Slave Question

The President's Views On The Fugitive Slave Question image
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Washington, May 30. Col. Butler, brothbr and aid to Gen. Butler, left here this afsernoon fr Fortrets Mooroe, in charge ot an iininense ainount of aininuniüon. Col. Butler had an interview last láght with the President relativo to ihe dispoeition to be made f the eluves that aro ilucking to the standard ol our advancing column. Thu subject is ono upon which (he President was not prepared to act hastily. He was not inclinad to queetion the course pursued by Gon. Butler, knowing that Le waa corr.pelled to dispose ol' such matters as they arise, until ho received inetraclions to do f rom hend(j'iarters. The President said that he viewed the question ns a very grave one. While he could not see that our (■ffioors were obliged to leavo their legitimato military business to pursue ii nd return fugitivo slaves under íi civil law which their disloyal masters did not reeognize, at the sanie time he could not undersland that our ai mies are obligad to recoive, feed and clotho thera, thereby diimnishing the BUppUea of our army in the enomy's country. - lí' ttic negroos run away they must do it upon their own responsibility. The arm; is umler no resj;oiisibility to protect ihem, and wül not encourage them ñor nterfere with themin their (light. - The President, for the present, prefers (o loará the wliolo matter to the eound judgment of Gen. Butler, wbom the President took occasion to compliment in high turniH, thaa to act hastily in isBuing instrnotione on the subject. Sime writing my former dispatch the Prñdent luis sublnitted to the Uabinet tlio question upon urnen Oen. Butler asks lor instructions, relative to the dispusition tobo made of runaway tlaveB seeking shelter within the linea. He has been offixially notiñed of the approval of his conduct. He if, therelore, lor tbc present, to put such blaves to labor, keep an exact account oí its value, and of the expenses of their subsistencs. It is quita apparent that when our Jorces shal! havo advunccd Fhrther into the fUveholding country, and largo eroveds of ak vee of all ages and both scxíífi shall fly lo our forces for protuet on,. Uiat the (]iiestion will then assuine lïHich fargei proportioos, and be uurromuled by gratcr diffioullies, and those cases must be met au ihey nriso.


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