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How The Sale Of Liquor To Soldiers Was Stopped

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fhe opportunitius for aoMiers atIttched to ekber f tlio Staten islftnd er.campcnenta to obtoïn liquoraare eonBiderobly os? thun when the troopa weie 'irst etationed thero. ll(v tliefc; opportunitius beca me lessened is wr.rth Ijelating, ad the tact hasneveryet uppiecred in prim. When Col. Allen'a regiment first took up their quartera on the Islnod, a good deaVof tioublo was cxpci'ienced by an indiscrlmmato siile oi Ijcjuor to the meu tlio proöfietor of a rum shop not many yard.s di.stnnt irom the barracks. Keepers of hther places in tho vicimty where intoxicating drinks are in the habit of being dispenned, on beiiifj; asked not to sell liqiiiir to tho soldiers, very properly complicd vvith the reqnest. It beeume a serinufl question how to put an eatoppe] to the liquor-déaling dispositioH oí the refusing party. Lieut. Col Dyckrnan went to the place in question : ';I wisli you would be kii?d cnough not tn iell liqnor to our men. It malees thetn drunk, and gives us a great deal of trouble. " "I shall sel! liqnors," replied the landlórd, "to whoever I please." "Can you not be dissuaded froin your purpose," asked tho Lieutenant Colooel. "Nro, sir," waá the response. Seeing tliat suasion was inefiectuol, Lieut Col, Dyekman adopted the follovvinjy expedient. Qmng a five-dol: lur bill to one of the subordinato olfirers, he told him to take fivo men, ao to the rum hop, spend some oi' the ïnonoy in drinks, and haviog got tho men apparontly drunk, go to ivork, demolish the rnan's decanters, overturn bid bar, and set running the contenta oí Üio liquor-cosks. Tho men got seerningly drunk, and dal as direclod. - Fiom tliat timo thero has been no trouble as regards furnishing Iiquors to soldiers encampedon the island.


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