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Douglas And Lincoln

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They werc rival?, au.l DOÜOUl, drtMWO, I.enta hanJ, like a patriot truc, As the good Ship of State, freighted, ïook on a new captain and crew ; h was Lineólo, not he, was eomroander, Hut hisblessingatteiide'i herfate, tur he knew that the iiopes of the nation Were borne in that good Ship af State. C,.,l spied her I But lo I aee the tempest fc-weep, howlicg and fierce, o'er her path; Aml tl raad waves rage white In their fury, And the wlnds rcnd her sails in their wrath : There's rebellion aboard I and the traitors llave sworn, in their madnoss and hate, ïo plunder the wealth of the cargo, And scuttle the good Ship of State. Thepilotis bra ving the danger, But the battle grous flerce on the desk, And the pirales are lourlin their boasting That the vessel is drifting a-wreck ; Where's Docauis, the gallant, the readv ? Has he lef! the old Ship to hf r fato f Or takes he his place by tho captain , To fight for the good Ship of State. O fierce on the deck is the itruggle, Hand to hand, breast to brtast is t!w fray, Wl.on wehear the clear voiceof the DorGLAs As he makes to the front rank his way ; ' Kuubc to arms ! rouse to arms, sona of Freedom ! Lay aside selfish aimsand desires, With your livis, with your all, freoly offercd, Sund like msn by the dag of your sires !" He has fal'en at the post of hls duty, And the natiou is mourning his fall, But tho armies that rush to the ivarfare tjtill are nerved by his cler battle cali ; Bot ivhil losinghls aid atthe council, And his soul stirring voice in debate, God above ! blcss the men and the pilot That stand by the good Ship of State 1 Ann Arbor, June 3,1861


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