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New Instance Of Stump-tail

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terdav a nowly arriv;d stranger at trio Tremont House walked down to the "Houo of David," and ioquireJ for Home forni of bibulant knovvn undor the head of '"ton cent drink." For tliis he deposited a $1 bilí of Ohio. - 'J'ho aecoinmodating bar-keopor consultod his Uailroad and gavo him a $1 on Bank. (Stump tail valued at 'JO cents). Stranger, not posted in stump-tail, was delightcd, didn't understand it, askod oxplanation, paid a -$1 and got a $1, whore did thu ten cent drink como íq. Barkeeper eaid it was all right. Stranger thought it a great town, free drinks, and resolved to make a noto of it. lie went out, met a friond : "Greatest town I ever saw, bar-keeper perfect stranger, didn't know me from a side of solo leather, gave mo my money back." Friend saw tho point, but did ' not divulgo. Stranger proposed to try that bar-keeper again. Fiiend did not object to ernile slightly. They went in. This timo two "ton cent drinks," out carne another Ohio $1. Bar-keeper again consultod Railroad list, and gavo stranger a Í1 on Bank (stumptail value at 70 cents) and ten cents. - Btranger rubbed his cyos and looked at bar-keoper. "Hovv's this?" "All right, sir," said tho accomplished David. Stranger looked at friend, then at bar-keeper, and tapped his head in a melancholy way. "Well, this is tho darndest town I ever see, drinks free, and more than your money back. I don't understand it." Btranger understood it better when ho attompted to pass his sturnp-tail $1 bilis, aud whon we saw him, considered that the bar-keeper, after all, had the


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