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great bargáM; AT Maynard, Stebbins & Wilson's. yv. HAVIAGATN REPLENT3HED OCR STORE W1TH O E 3E, that WAS rror oRbttd in any one establishment ñ ihe fctate, all of wliich we offer for #A fe) Irü OLKi LP Las O iL) üJ L? L islow as cao be found in l'nion We want Money ! in.] will make Great Sacrifices on Anyihiog wejinve to obtain it, not exccpting OLD NOTES AND ACCOUNTS i We cunlially invito ALL CASH Cü STOMERS to rail ;ind exaraiue our CooJs anl Trices. Ve als mvitc our Prompt Paying Customers to come nnr buy thcir mfpplfes feir the Winter. TctiböSi lïiishful onestbat are aíraid to c;ül, W4 i" to thenij tak courage without longer waith.g for higher pricen, corae in, old scores, amï then at such prices as ni imfce np all lopse It is harU; ueccessary to euumerftteour Guoüb, for We have Everything! A large assortment of CARPETING. CROtKERY DRY GOOUS, MEDIINES, GEOEEIES, TAINTS, OILS, IIATS CAPS, BOOTS, SIIOES YANKEE NOTIONS &c, &co &c. (715lf) MAYNAKD, gBBINT3 Í: VOLSO Stoves &. Hardware 1 RIS DON & HEXDERSON Have now in Store a kirpre assortment of SS rJT" OU ■T .33 && 9 Hardware and House Furnisliing 4 3HJ tESSm All tí ork will be sold as GHEAP as at any other Establishment in Michigan, Thoy have gotthe Best Assortment of Cooking PARLORAND l'LATE & TOV ES ÍS X3W TUIS STATE, And will sellthem Cheaper than THE CHEAPZST, i ríñase cali and seo. All kinds of tin ware kopt on hand. Particular attention paid to all kinds of Which will be done wlth NEATNESS AND DJSPATCH. : S-l'lease cali and see their STOVE ROOM n 2d story i of New Dlock. RISDOX & HKNDERSON. , Ann Arbor, .latí. 5, 18C1. O . BLIS S CBBBBiwnïiïïK nontKonttu uinnnn]inuininynininüniiTi!iïïrfïïinniininn Still in the Field ! i WITH A LARGE STOCK of GOODS ( in ray line direct from New York, Boston, nnd the Manuiacturcrs! I liave just roceíveO a large anJ wcll selectd assortment of ' CLOCKS, WATCHES, J DE3 -W DE3 Xa 3Ft TT. ! SILVER & PLAÏED WARE, Musical Instruments, Table and Pocket Cutlery GOLD PENS, And a great variety of Yankee Notions, Ac. s I would cali particular attention to my lorge ' stock of S3?ECTACIiES, of Gold, Silver, Steel, and Plated, f with f PERSCOPIOGLASS I A superior article, and a great variety of articles in tho '"OKEAF for O-AJSaeC Persone b&T8Hg diiïeult wAtchos to fio wtliKlacfl, can be accoinniíxlatPtl íf uiy stock s largf ftnd complete, 1M S, Particíilrr attontion paid totho i REPAIRING of all kiinU of Kim.' Watchea, sudi as Making & Setting New Jewels, HNIONS, STAFFS au.l CYUNDERS, also CLOCKS, AND JEWELRY, Xeallv Kcjjaired and warranted. C. BLISS. August ïfi 18C0. 768tf Ayer's Agüe Cura. ; Scrofula, or King's Evil, is a constitutional discase, a corruption of the blood, by whích this fluid becomes vitiated, weak, and poor. Being in the cireulation, if pervades the whole body, and may burst out In discase on any part of it. No organ is freo from its attaöks, nor is there one which it may not destroy. The scrofulous tuint is variously caused by mercurial disease, low living, disórdered or unhcalthy food, impure air, iilth and filthy liabits, the depressing vices, and, above all, by the venereiu infection. What ever be its origin, it is hercditary in the constitution, deBcendlrig " from parents to childrcn unto the tliird and lburlh aeneration ; " indeed, it secms to be the rod of Ilim who says, " I irlll visit the iniquítiea of tlie fathers upun their ehildren." lts effects commence by deposición from the blood of corrupt or ulcerous matter, which, in the lungs, livcr, and infernal orgrms, is termed tubereles ; in the giunds, swcllings ; and on the surface, oruptions or sores. This foul corruption, which genders in the blood, depresses the energies of Ufe, so that scrofulous constitutions not only suffer from scrofulous complaints, but they liave far less power to withitond the attneks of other diseases; consequently vast numbers perisli by disorders which, although not scrofulous in their nature, are etill rendered fatal by this taint in tho systcm. Most of the consumption vhich dccimatcs the human family has its origin dircctly in this scrofulous contamination ; and many destructivo diseases of the liver, kidneys, brain, and, indeed, of all the organs, urise from or are aggravated by the same cause. One quarter of all our pcoplc are scrofulous ; their persons are invaded by this lurking infection, and their hcalth is undermined by it. To cleanse it from the system we must renovate the blood by au alterativo medicine, and invigorato it by healthy food and exercise. Suck a medicine we supply in AYER'S Conipomul Extract of Sarsaparilla, tlic most cflectual remedy which the medical skill of our times can deviso for this everywherc prevailingand fatal malady. It is combined from the most active remediáis that havo been discovered for the expurgation of this foul disorder from the blood, and the rescue of the system from its destructivo consequences. Henee it should be cmployed for the cure of not only Scrofula, bxit also those other affections whieh ariso from it, such as Eruftive and Ski: I)isi:asi-:s, Sr. Antiioxy's Fiiie, ROSIÏ, Or EltYSTPEI.AS, 1'lMlT.HS, PfSTUI.ES, Bt.otchks, Bi-ains and Iïoils, Tumors, Tetteh and Sai.t Riiix'x, Kcat.i) IIk.vh, Hixgwoum, HiiKi'MATisM, Sïi'iriu'ric and MioRCuáiAL Diseases, Ditoi'SY, Dystei'sia, Demlity, and, indeed, ai.l Complaints ahisino fkom Viïiated on Imi'uke Blood. 'Die popular belief in " impurilg of the blood " is foundod in trutli, for scrofula isa degeneration of the blood. The particular purpose and virtue of this Sarsaparilla is to purify and regenérate this vital Huid, ■without whieh "sound hcalth is impossible in coataminatcd constitutions. Agüe Cure, FOB THE SPEEDY CUF-E OF IntcrmUtent Fcrcr, or Pevcr and Ajajue, Remttteiit Pevcr, i liill Fever, Dumb Agite, Pcrlodical HendacHe, or Billous Hcadaclic, and. liilious Kevers, indeed for thcjvlkolc class of diseases originating in liliary derangemeut, cnuscil ly the Malaria of Mlnsmatic Countries V'q are enabled boro to offer the community a remedy which, vhilo it cnres tho nbovo complaints with certiünty. .- still i itiv !ly barmless in nny quantity. Such a remedy is invaluable in districts ivhero theso añlicting disorders prevail. This "Cure" expela tho miaaajatic poïson of Fever and Ague from the system, nnd prevents the devolopmeut of the disease, if taken on tho flrst approach of its premonitory symptoms. It is not only the best remedy ever yet discovered for this claas of complttints, but also the chenpest. The large qiuntity wo supply for a dollar brings it witbin tho reacb of every body; and in bilions districts, whero Fever and Ague prevails, every body should have it and use it freely both for cure and protoction. It is hoped this pricc will placo it within the rcacb of all - the poor as veil as tho rich. A great suporiority of this remedy over any other ever discovered for the epeedy and certaiu cure of Interniittents is, that it contains no Quinine or minem), consoquently it produces no quïnism or other injurious effects whatever pon the constitutioo. Tbose cured by it are left as healthy as if they bad ucver bad tho discase. Fever and Ague is not alone tho consequenco of the miasmatic poison. A grcat varíe ty of disorders arise froni its irritiition, among wbich are Neuralgia, Rheumalism, Gout, Ifeadache, Blindntss, Tootfiadie, Karache, Chtarrh, A.-'.hma, lfaljritation, Painful Affection of Ote Sfilecn, Hyslerics, Pain in the Boicds, Ootic, Paralasis, and Derangement of the Slomach, all of which, when origmating in this causo, put on the intemiiUcnt type, or becoma periodical. Thia "Cure" expels the poisoa from tho blood, and consequently cures thom all aliko. It is an invaluablo protection to immigrants and persons travelling or temporarily residiog in the malarious districts. It taken occasionally or daily whilo exposed to tho infection, tbat will be excreted from tho eystem, and cannot accumulute in suillcient quantity to ripcu into disease. Henee it is even more valuable for protection than cwre, and few will ever öuffer from Intermittents if they avail themselves of the protection this remedy affords. , Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., LOWELL, MASS. MAYNARD STEBlïINSA WILSON, anti by all Druggists nnd Dealers ovorywlicro. J. BURRTLL, Travelin Agent. As aperlent Stomachio prepnration nflRON puviefol in ;xyE;en and Carbun by combustión in Jlvdrogen. iciom-i] by the highost Mclicnl Authoritiea, both in Ea ope and the L'nitod StaWs, and prescriU-d in Uieir pnic:ico Tho experloneo of tboupands daüy provo thnt no propuationof Iron can be compared with i'. Impurities f the blood, depressions of vital pnorv, i'It' and isick!y complexlons indicates its necü-ssity in aluiost ?very conceivahle case, InnnxioMs n uil malaflios in which it has bacn trted, :ias provd absolutely curativo in eacb of tho foliowtng inmplaMitfij viz: In I -lïllKy. V 'i-voiis A flefl ï.hik, V. imim -1i ( nn uyspcpsla, Constipación, Dlari-licra, Dysèïif. i'.v, Iitcipicnt Consumpf ion, Srroltiluus Tulicreulosla, Salt Rheum, Mismenstruation, ÏÏliitc. Chloro&te, Complaints, Chrontc Jfcadackcs, Ilftmnatisjn, Intcrmitimt Ferers, Pimplra on the Face, &c. ln[cae of t!E.iïRALDimuTY.wiiother the reauil ofacute lisease, or of the contimied aitninutíOQ of nervous and nuscular onory from chrontc. complaiatfi, one trial of bis restoratir baa proved suecos ful to an extent A'hich no doiicripticin nor writtpn atteslíition wouM renIer credible. Invalids so long bed rlddOD as to have lecome forgotten io their own neighborhoodfi, haresud lunly re-appcared in thebusy woild as il' just relurned "rom prnti-act'-'I travel ina distant land. ifome vcry sigïal instances of this kipd are al liwd of fmal aufferers, ïroaciatcd victims of apparent marasmu.s, sanguinootis xhaustion, critica! changes, and that oomplicatíoi: f i.rrvous and djopoptlfi aToralOD to air and exercisc for vhich the physicían has no ñamo. In Xkkvüi's Ai"i'"Kcri()N.s of all bipds, and for reasons faniliar tu medical men, the opera t ion of this repararon of iroo mustnr-cesaiily be'saiutary, fof, unlikethc ►ld oxides, it i.s vigorousiy tonio, without being exciting tnd overhoatijig; and gently, reguliirly aperiont, even the uost obstinate cases of costivenoss without even being a ;astric purgativo, or Inflictiug a disagreeable sensation. It is ihis latter property, among othtTfl, wliicb makos it o emarkably cflectual and permanent a remedy for Files, ipon which it also appcars to exnrt a distinct and spe:ific action by dispersing the local tendepey which forras hem, In Dtspkpsia, innumerable as are its causes, a single tox of thepo Clialybeate Pilis have often sufficed for he most habitual cases, including the attendent CoslivcMM) In unchecked Diakrikea, even when advaAced io Dysenery confirmed, emaciating iiml apjiureutly maltgnunt, h efTocts haTlDff boon vqually decisivo and afttoDmhing In the local pains,loKsof fleshandstrtMith,flehilitating lOngh, and remittent hectic, which gonorally indícate 'ncipient Consumption, in several very gratifying and ueresting Inatanow. In Scrofutvus TubercuoUis, tliis modlowted Iron has iad far inoro than the good effects of the most cautiousy bulnncM preparations of iodine, without any of oeir well known liabtlitieü. The att-í'tition of females cannnt be tooconftdently nvied to this remedy restoraiivc in the cases peculiarly ITticting tiiein. In Ilheumatism, both chronic and innammatory - in the ttt'rt however, more decldedjy - it has boon nvariaMy veil reported, bííth as iMcviating pain and n-ducing tho wellingHund stillness of the joints and museds. In Ifitermittcnt FevernW mustncct'SHarily beaffroatremily and energetic restorative, and it progress in the new dttlements of the West, will probably be one of high relown and uscfulnesR. No remedy bas ever boon discoverod in the wholehistoy of molicine, which exertn such prompt, happy, and ully restorative effects. Good appetite, BODfpiotfl ■!!- ;istion( rupid acquisition of strengt h, with an annsaal dtapodtlon for active and cheerful exercise, immedlately ']inw its use. Put up in neat flat metal boxes contalnfng 50 pillfl, )rice 50 cents per box; for sale by druggists and dealers. iVill be sent free to any address on receipt of the pricu. W letters, orders, etc, should be addrowwd to B.IÏ. LOCKE.&Co., General Agooti. 477yl Y. For Solo byORENVILLE & FULLER, nn Arbor. EUY YOUR CLOÏIIING .-t ti.O Cleveland Clothing House fl'liere tliey now poll Winter Clotfciog at proatly TtBIDXJCEID PRICES, Ucwdoors Wost of Pook 's Hotel, Hurón Strcít, ynn Vrbur. '"JU A, & C. LOBB.


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