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I. O. O. F. WASBTBKlAW T.OIiCK Xo. 9, nf t!ie Independent order of Odd Fellowft met at their LodgL Koom , cvcry Vriihiv evening. i1 ' ' II." V. K. ' JONES, N" G. J. F. SlAiJUXC, Seo'r. sTg. SUTHEKLAND & SON, rtTÍIOLESALE AND RETATL Grocers íind COmmlssIon W iftíeliSu ■ M:iintfiH't Ann Arbor. É. HÍSSE, PBYíirux & Scroeo.v Respectífully tondcr his rnfcsioual Brvices to the citizeoB of Ann Arbor antl tciuil'. LS Office i" üack'fl New Building, Main ttriH, Ann Albor Micb. N. B. Niglit calis proal] ly atteüflcá to. ' TWITCHËLL & OLARK. rrOBNiiYS and Counseilors at I.a-w, General Life and Fire Inunrance agents. Office Ín City Hall Block, cu Hurón rit., Aan ArlK'r. Collectioaa prdmptly made litted, and special attention iaid to convoj-ancing. n. í.nriicniu, ["in fe P. 01 jTm. scott. KBSflTTfB & PHOTOOKrn AlíTIM'S, in (lio rooms fV formerlyoccupioabyCordley, over the store ol ípoir.v I; Mlxire Perfeei saíisfáctton Evmiantoeil. " W. N. STËÖNG. Dkalex in Dry Goods, Boots andShoe8,Qrocerie,Bonin-ls,F;.iH-y tsnods, 8:0.. Exchange Block, Ann Arbor. WINES & KNIGHT. Dealers in SUple, Fancy Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes, , ... MataSti-oel Ann Arbor. _ SÍTÍTIN & THOMPSON. F n:-i-n -he Wjke Rooms. Dealer in all kinds of Furniture, tol Xew Woel;, Main Street. " HispON &HENDEE80H", DKAI.KRiin Hnv.lware.Stoves, house fnmishing goods, Tin Ware fcc. Sc, New Block, Main Street. A. P. IÖLLsT" Duin in Stapte Dry Qood, Broceries, Boota and Shoea and Beady 5Iadc Clothlng, UurouVStreet Aun Arbor. BEAKES & ABEL, A TI0SXKTS& OoüSMBlora a I-vw, and Solioitors in A. Cl.aneery. Oce in City Hall Block, over Webiter Ce ''', Ann Vrbor "KÍKGSLEY & MORGAN, A ttouxkví. CoaasaOan, BoMto, and Notarios Tubf_ .. lnd Plats li.nving title of U lands n the jóunty, and&ttend toiMinvoyancingandcollecting emands indto payiog taxes and school interest in any jart of tüc Sta'.e. (Jfficeeastsiie of the Square, Ann Aroor. JAMES II. COOK, J-iKTUi: l'E-.a:. Oüice near tbc Peuot, Ypsilanti, ■ .. V LEWITT, M. D., P Staats k Scbcïos. Office at his residence, North ofHuron street, and 2d hbo West uf División íírceí, Ann Arbur. O. COLLIER, ft TAxrTACrrRrai and dealer in Boot? auil Bhoes. Y,xVI ohange Block, 2 doors Soutn oL Maynard, Btebbinj fc Wílyon's Store, Ann Arbor, Mich. " MOOKE &LOOMIB. R TtsrFACTrRKBS anl Je.xler d Boots and Shoes, VL rboenix iüoük, Jluiu Street, one door Nurth ol -VasUintun. Wx:8. SAUNDEES, Pkaikr in Tlnoti.Sboes, and Rubbers, Ann Arbor Cash J Uoot & ííhoe Store, soutli side of l'ublic Square. ""mTquiteeman & co, W esalb and Retail dealers and manufi.ctnrers of [i-Hi Made Clothing, Importen of Clotlis, Caesinereji, DoesküM, te. No. i, New Block, Ann Arbor. C. B. "PORTËrT" j- ,,_ „ , priíGEON !)kntiít. OHico cnrnpr of Main &" JEE. an( Huron streets, over 1'. Bacli'a store, B3yt Ann Arhor, Michigan. Wm. WAGNË"Ë7 in Readv Made Clotjdng Cloths, Casslmerea and Vestlngs, Hals, CalJS.Trunkp, CarpetBags, &c. Slain it-, Ann Arbor. M. CAMPION, Tercuaxt TAYi.nn and dealer in Ready Made Clothing, 'VX No 41 , Phoenix Block, Ann Arbor. BACII&'PÏËÏISON . DKAt.ERs in Dry Good?, Grocerics, Hardware, Boots & Slioes, &c."Main Street, Ann Aib'ir. . MAYNAHD, BÏEBBINS & CO., Dta in Dry Goodb, Groccries, Droga & Medicines. pBootB & Stoei, kc.f coi ner of Main and Ann itreete, O8t ut'l W the Exchange, Ann Arbor. SLAWSON & GEEK, 1 roceks, Pkovisio.v & Coiumiseion Jlorchants, and dea'.T lersin WiiKit LlMK, LAüB Pi.asteb, and Plasiee of Fahis,oiir dooi Eat of CookTg Hotel. C. BLÏSS, DKAI.KR inClocks, Watcbos, Jr.welry. and Fancy Goods, at the siga of tae Big Wateb, No. 27, l'hocnix Block. j. a watts. in Clocks, Watches, Jewelry andSilvcr Ware No 22, Xciv Block, Ann Arbor. "TTRRÏËËMANr' Barder and KaiWonable Hair DcoMor, Jlain Street, Ann Arbor, Jlich. llair Fronts and Curls kept jonstantly on band. SGHOFF & MILLER. Dealers in MUcellaneoue , School, and Blank Books Sta tionery, Paper Baogings, &c. , Main Street Ann A rbor. MISS JENNIE E. LINES, TEACHER OF Piano Forte, Guitar, and Singing, bcirip; desirousof enlargingher clas, will receive pupil? at the rcsidence of Prof. VVINCHELL, wbich bcing near the Union School, will be very convenient for such schol.arsattending theve who may wish to pursue the study ofmusicin connection with otlier bianches. TermsSlO, half to ha pfttd at the middle and the balnce1Éat the close fo the term. d. díforestT' V glea, Sash.Du'H . u-r Lime, Graud Rivei Piaster, i'la.sti:r Paria, and Nailfl of all ftizos. A full aud perfect aortment of the above, snd all other sinrln of building materials ooöstsntly on hand ut the possible ratea, on Detroit Street, a few rods from tho Railroad Depot. Also operating extensively in tlie Patent Cement Koofing. wamitenawïoüntTbiulë society. Dkpository of BiUcR aud Tostamentü at the Society prices atW. C. Vuurheis'. CHAPÍN, WOOD & CO., SCCCESSOBB TO MANUFACTr;iHi;j{= OF aï;dCOLORED MEDIUMS, WTrapping Papor,ijc. ANN ARUOlt M1CII. llifle F a c t oTy ! A. J. SUTIIERLAND HAS removed !ii s Gun Shop tothe New Blockonllnton itreet, emuh of the Coui I llr.uic.outucsecond Door, wherehc is prepared to trnith Guns, Pistols, Ammunition Flasks, I'oiiJies Game Bags, and Everj other artielo in bis Line. qxi the mostreasonable terms.nndto do all kínda o oq the 6horteitn tice,and in tbo be3t mannci, WL.EJ JkfS uil assortinsatalwaysk'pt onhnd, ond made toor


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