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When Banners Are Waving

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Wlion Imnucra are waving, And lanoes are; Wlien captains are shouting, And war horses rushing, WhD cannon are roaring, And hot bullets flyingi He that woukl honor win, Must not fear dying. Though shafts fly so thiek That it aeems to be snowing; Though streamlets with blood More than water are flowing; Though with saber and bullet Our bravest are dying, We speak of revenge, but But we ne'er speak of flying. Come stand to it, héroes! The heathen are coming: Horsemen are round the walls, Riding and running, Jlaidens and matrons all Aim! arm! are orying, From petards the wildfire's Flashing and fl3-ing. The trumpels froin turréis high Loudly are braying; The steeds for the onset Are snorting and neighing: As waves in the ocean, The dark plumesare dancing; As stars n the blue sky, The helmets are glancing. Their ladders are planting, Their sabers are iweeping; Now swords fi-om their sheaths By thonsands are leaping; Like the flash of the levin Eru men hearken thunder Swords glcam, and tho steel caps Are cloven asundcr, The shouüng has ceased, And the fla?hing of cannon ! I looked from the turret For crescent and pennon ; As flax touched by fire, As hail in the river They wero smote, they were fallen, And had meitod for ever.


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