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Striking Six

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An estimable íriend has a favorito expression when he would convoy the dea that a speaker or writer brings on ;hc best wines first and has too little 10 ast the íeast out. lie says of hira, 'he struck twelve the first timo.' The Rev. T. Starr King, now of California, contented himself on the EPourth of July last, with striking tix. le was addressing the children, and jaye utlerance to tho following beauti'ul little thought . ' You know that a clock ticka and icks, seeond ty second, in a dull, paient, humdrum tsort of way, until the iand reachcs the sixtieth minute, and hen it stnles. A neiv hour is born. What ií each day should be rnarked at unrise by the lo u der striking of' a cloek, to teil us that a more important ninute was reached ? What if tho commencement of a now year should alwaya be told us by the vibrations of orne mighty bell f;tr up in space, that ounded only on the first of Janaary, ouched then by tho hand of God ? And now euppose that, wbea hing very important was fo happen in he worlcl ; when a new year oi hope and joy for a nation or mankind vvus to como, a roighty time keeper, awey up ,mong tbo stars, should ring out so hatmencould hear it and say: 'Hark! ah, a new hour, one oí God'sjiours. je struck in the belfry of the beavens ! ' This would be grand. But God does mark the great seasons of tho world's history by a miglity cloek. In act every naüon ha8 a huge dial-plate, and behiud it are the works, and below t the pondulum, and every now and hen its hands mark a new hour. Our ■evolution was such a period. That is the glory of it. The English government had oppresssed our fathers ; it ried to break their spirit. It was for several years a dark cime, likt) the season before sunrise. But the old time)icce kept ticking, ticking, the whee's cept playing calmly, till about 177ö ; ,here was a strange stir and busy datar inside the case ; a sixtieth ninute carae, and all of a sudden the elock struck ! The world heard the attle of Bunker li 111 - one ; the Decaratioo of Independence- tvvo ; the surrender of Burgoyne - ihreï ; the siege of Yorktovvn - fouk ; the treaty - five ; the inauguration of Washingon - six ; and then it was sunrise, and we live in the forenoon of the glorious day."


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