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The Little Hands

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" Tho Little Hand !" bless it how conIdingly it is placed within our owu. It rusta in its hopelessness and weakness 'or guidance. Evory nerve rests tranpiilly, as its tiny fingers aro eacireled by a firm but loving grasp. Watch the footsteps of the little one as he ranges the awn, and with his tiny hand gathers the lurplo violeta, and in childish glee strews :hem around, his blue eyes looks roguishy, as he runs laughingly, saying, " Catch me if you eau." The tiny haud of childïood as it entwinos its little iingers atnong vour curls, or clasps thom at your mee, lisping out an infant's prayer, speaks peace to the troubled heart, as if an angel's voice had whispcred it for ïoaven. Beautiful childhood, would that it could be always shielded from harshness, i"rona corroding care, and corrupt influences. Little hands are all around us seeking for guidance, relying on the protecting influence of thoso oidor than themselves. Would that we kept ourselves pure, so that we might perforra our dutie.s faithfully and well. That nature must be hardened, indeed, that can soe a tcar drop feil trom the eyes of childhood, or the little haud stretched out in vain. Who cannot recall to mind littlo hands they have caressed aud tenderly cared for, aud that have now passed on to the "spirit land," They were laid to rest in thuir narrow house, their little hands crossed and Clled wlth white rosebuds, tho last of'suinraer's offerijig. Though now all unseeü to our mortal gaze, still their angelTiands are invisible ministers of lovo, drawing us to them in their beautiful home. Chericih, then, tho " little hand " and guide and guard it while you may, for it belougs to an angel, in your household, and }'ou know not how soön their ffings will uniold, and soar far away ïnto the world of lovo and light, leaving you in your auguish to moura and lament over their brief stay. Blessed memorie of the little hands that have clung to you in their simple, childlike faith and trust. Oh, may these I memories never be ladeu with harshness ( or uukiuduess, "For of such is the


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