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The Southern Uniform

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The uniform oí tho (Jontederato States army is a short tunic coat oi' eudet gray cloth, double-broasled, with two rowa of brass buttons, two inches apart at tho waist and widening towarde the shoulders ; pantaloons sky blue, mudo full in tho legs. Tho buttons are phiin gilt, convex form, and three quarters of an inch in diameter. The different arrns of the service are distinguished by tho color of the trimmings - blue for infantry, red for artillory, and ycllow lor cavalry. The artillevy buttons are stamped with tho letter A, bot tho irifantry and csivalry buttons will bear only the uumbor of the regiment. Tho general and stad' officers' dress will be dark blue cloth ; the medical department black cloth, with gold and velvet trirarnings. Badges of distinction will be marked upon the slee ves and colors - brigadier general, threo large stars on tho colhir ; colonel, two stars ; lieuteuant coloriel, onestar; major, smatl star and horrizontal bar ; captain, thrne small stars ; first 1'eiitenant, two small stars; and second lieuteiuiut, one sriuill star. The buttons for a general and staff officers are to have a rnised eagle in tho center, surrounded by thirteen stars. jfAman afraid of fire arma ifl lio gets in liquor, is apf to imagine evervlliing hu soca a rsnokw.


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