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Newspaper Prosperity

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-On the present impression as to tho prospenty of newspapers, tho Boston Gazctte descanta n a strain as well suitcd to this meridian as any other. It says: The idea is very prevalent that the newspapers are making great heaps oí' money. Publishers are eupposed to bo coiuing dollars, and a prosperous newspaper is regarded as a mint. Adpertising is the lifo blood of newspapers, and there has been a falling off in this dupartment of fif'ly and in many cases ol B,evntyfivo per cent. Tbere is but a sir.all margin of prnfit on the sale of the daily papers, and if tbeir sales were not large it would not require inany inonths to show a balance on the wrong side of the ledger. We will venture to say there is not a well ëstablishsd newspaper in this yity which would not willingly return to a ': peace footing," though tho people do imagine thcy are making " lots of money." JSÊT'A French gunmakor has iuventod a curious arrangement for tho rapid firing of rifles and pistols. Instcad of placing half a dozen charges in a cylindrical ehamber, as in revoïving arms, he places ten of tlicm in tubes fixed to a straight bar, which is fixed in a notch acros3 tho breéch of the piece, and is moved forward at eaeh explosión by a rack and piuion movcraent. The instant the cartridges on one bar have all been discharged, hü replaecH it by another ready loaded, and thus, it is said, he can, without theslightest diffi'julty, iire as many as lifty shots a minute.


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