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Grafton, Va., June 5. T carne tbrough to-day on a provisión train from Whocling. The bridges are repaired again, bur no traius are runnius exccpt for the Government. The American flag is flying along tha wholc route. The Oliio troops are guarding the road back to Wheeling, Major Loring of Wheeling was brougíit through to-night. lio was arrested on a charge of trcason. A largo number of secessiouists arrested hore are now taking the oath of aliegiance. Tüey all say tbey expeeted a war of devastation, and bad been deceived by their leaders. The best of feeling is prevailing botween the troops and the Virgiuians. A few secessionists here have been íiring on the sentries but there has been nothing of that sort for the last day or two. Volunteera are being raised for tbe Government at Martinsburg and through thia scetion. Beveral companies went down to Wheeling this ovcning for drill. Col. Kelly is much better, but uot out of danger. lie was brought over to-day from l'hillippi. Therc are twenty companies of iufantry and Beveral of artillery there as a garrison. A wonderful change of sentiment lias taken place there. í'he Union feiiling is now lirgely predominant. Isearlv seven tlious.ind are here and at Phillippi, viz: The Sixth, Seventh and Ninth Iudiaua Kegiinents, First Virginia, and Col's Irvino and Andrews, and Stoadmau's reg iments, with the Cleveland Artillery of Ohio. Gen. Morria of Indianapolis is in oommand. He, with Love, Brigade Major, and llascall, Aid to the General, aro ali West Pointers, and experieuced United States officers. It is uot known how many rebels were killed at Phillippi. They were under the command of Col. Butterfield, of Eastern Virginia. Many Union men were impressed into their ranks. They are utterly scattered and disorgauized now. Erroneous statements have peen made aboutthe troops engaged in the Phillippi affair. Col. Dumont's Seventh Iudiaua Regiment led the attacking - Col. Crittenden's Regiment did not get up in time to particípate. Tne maroh that night was rcally wonderful. In looking at the ground one is astonished that they could travel the distance, under auy eircuinatances, in the time they did. It was never exceeded in the military hisf-ory of the country. The troops are moviug to Phillippi to-night.


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