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Thumb And Finger Pruning

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JSow is the precise soason, gay froret June to July lüth, to perform oue of the most important operations in the applo orchard ; that of removing the young shoots whieh started in the spriug, and have wade a growth of froiu one to s'ut inclies in longth. These shoots start out mostly on the upper side of the largo branches, grow with great rapidity, and if not arrested early forni that part of the tree which it is the most dangerous to cut off. If tliey are alionad to grow two oi" three ycars, they are sometimes an inch through at their base, and cinnot then be removed by saw or knife without leaving an ugly scar upon the tree, and the wound becomes a dangerouü one, unless made when the tree is in a favorable pliysiological condition, and it is treated with proper skill. Il' the tree, by accident, unskillful pruning, forco of wind, or any other cause, has lost a proper balance, if one side has more branches than another, or f the top is open and too much exposed, thon leave one of these young shoots, and train t to occupy the very place you wish to have filled. By this process of pruning. you wilt rarely need to uso the knife ; the tree may be brought up smooth, and with syinmetrical fonn, and they will not be full of internal wounds to weaken them, and Lasten their deeay in later ycars. Let us urge upon the young oiehardisi, at least, to try this method NOW, and if the knife and saw are necessary, NOW is the time to use them.


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