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Surface Manuring

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"We notico," aaya the ühio Farmer, "that manuring upon tiie surface, broadcast, after plowing, ;uid before harrowing, has beooino much more a favorito pracliee with farmers thau formü-ly. The old impressiovis tliat the soluble inatíe.s wi uld rie, if plowed iu deep, aud that docoinpusitiou would also bj hastened by burving deep, have been pretty generally dissip&téd, uuder a better kuowledge and a more observant practico fijan that of forty years ago. - If m&nures are greeu, loug, and iïesh froiu the barnyard it is doubtless poliey to bury them beoeatti the soil, if it is abslutely nceessary to use tliein at that time; but we should prefer planting less quautity of laud, manuriug what we eould with woll-ripened manure, and piling up the green, fresh manure with a gootf sprinkling of piaster, and let it formjnt' aud rut a few weeks. We believe praetice bas shown more immediate returns of crops from manures spread upou the surface, or, at best, but lightly covercd, than when otherwise employed. The rains tend more to soluble matter downward, wherc the roots can get it, than the gaseous qualities will cause to send upward ; but, in agricultura! practico, it takes manv experiments, and long and rcpeated trials of the same, ere it is safe to fully condeinu any one practico, to the benefit ol another. We have grown soruc of our best crops of corn with long manure, plowed under deeply, and yet we should prefer not to risk the pr aoüce, when Qonv emeqt to do otherwige,"


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