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The Utility Of Refuse Things

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The prusiate of Potasb is made in large quantitios in Oincinnati, tfUui tho hoois, liorns, and otber reiuse of slaughtered grunters. The rags of old, worn-out shirting, calicó dressee, and the waste eotton of faetones, are employee! td make the pftJ por upun wbicb these lices are printed. Old ropes are converted ii)to note paper, and the waste paper tsulf,' which is pickud up in the gutter, is rocon verted agaiii into broad white sheets, and thus does duty in rovolving stages. The parings oi skin and hieles, and the ears oí cows, calven, Bild shoep, are collected and tmnverted intogiuo. Tho finer qu ui Ui os of getutine ara made Irora ivory tho bonoi and tendons of animu's. Bones eonverted into charco. ,1 by roasting in retorts, are afterwards einploycd for puifying the white &ugar with which we sweeteo our tea and coffee, etc. Tho amaionia obtainod trom the distillation oi' coal in making gas, is einployed for aturating urchill and cudbeap, in tnaking the beautifnl lilac colors that are dyod on silk and tho fino woolen goods. The sbavings of cedar-wood, nsed in making pencils aro distilbd. to obtain the otto of cedar-wooii. Erass filings and old bnu'S. kettles are me'tcd and anaployed to make the brasb works of printing presses and pumps Jgg" A dispatch to the Ukprms says: '33y the end of the week govcrumaiit expeots to have '2n,0ö0 men in Vïrgipia uear Alosandria, 20,000 at Grafton, 20, 000 noar Harper's Ferry, 15,00!) il Fort Monroe, nnd 10,000 around Baltiraore, Annapolis, and tho llclay Houac."


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