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The Funeral Of Senator Douglas!

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We need otily ti turn to oir ble i Í litllu HiOle tllilll ;V month sime, to reád wlial uiany of Oiir city readers will roniyiiibur, liow Cliiciigo gave n gnoroux nul a ti"ble weluome ín ':■■■' c-'.n i':;ntui statiiMiiiiii, rttumsg t.i pass araong ur citizoBS ah aatiuiputotl tui4 rm;il! nn ded pi.i'u dtvi fstt :.i:d fccu}:i'ruticü befare ngnin èntemag lipón kia fU'Wo du;ics. VVIjo wiii" 1'i.n-y! (jij pomp, t hu (■'rci]iTjt:;:,'. iuui whut was stil'.iM-, tile pp(Míi fttous welcomecf un ovation whicJi wiis pnrticipatcd in by til chisses cf oer cfimmiinity, hnd which mergad t.ll crceclH uotl parlies in mío gfontírous ind fiill toned RoriÜTnent in the delire to do hor.or to Seun'.or Dougtae l'.-i lii r.cble and LViitriotia support anti vinciir:itiii ot' t!u uoiin'.ry :nid the litws, llow, i;ti ;!.(■ sboufs of Ihoiisandf, tillll t(i loild i!ii;rti:il fnilrio, tliat p:n-,;d prrtÖt?firtl suepi down Chrk .-üvri, on thu eveniug of tliu ftfit ot M:iv. Whal ; checr urose from that vast iiinHitudo as Senator Doagfad etood befoi'o the n thou-and peop'e itssembied in v ít i i i 1 1 pr t Nalionúl II-uII. His utt eran cea of that cvening ure a perrrrn'ttènt record ; that speech, his fust, n pfi'it'tua! and noble tegiicy to his crtthitrymen. Ftöfll Nalifinal Hall the Senator and Btaleetnan turnoil away to die. To the liiu'iiphal eniry succeeded tho puinlul scènes of tliy -iok chamber, the f&flg vigils of snxioua and f liihful attèndnnte, foromost aiïiong 'Khom was the tender and devotod jfe, liile gradual lv, as hope wtincd, a pull of eorrow t!it!(;d and deepened upon the thouBnnds of friends without, Wttching ea gorly for frequent iutelligenue from that beduide, dow gainuig courage from reporteci tavorabte symptorns oí the maliidy, ind igaiii darkening, until ïlternafihg !)(i e and fear found a drcud termif .aion in thé ütelligctiee thát Sc,,n tor Donólas ivas doad. Dead ut tho vory zenith (if fa;r,c to bat l:v acoorlied, 'hen, party and poütical ties lirp;otton, a hole loval people pra'sod hun. Dead, wilh his hand yet j.oin'.ing to the s word lie recognized as tliu ohly reooursü to vindica tu law an J punish traitors. Dead, appnrenlly mithvay a tifo ho liad mude tiiá country's histis ry. Wiso was Saladin, íq ;hóse pVpadest hour oí iriumpli. a slavo út his ehouldvT whispered constantly, "Memoüiber, tbou art but a man ;' fícvfer wus tho Iésson of the unoort tuitv oí liftí pawerlully tnughtthan id the rtroke whioli souglit the shining mark our city und nation deplores. At tho conclusión of t!io Masonio obsequios over tlie honored dead at Bryan Hall, on Thursday evening, repórted in our last issue, guarda woru jiost.d, ai.d tlio remains faithfully watched, awaiting tha day which was to ?ee thum eohsigned to their lust resting place. Yesterday mor.iing, at an earty hour, nav our streete astir with gatheriug thousands Long iranís Irorn tho toantry aclj liniog, aucl oven from (iiíu disTant poinls in ttiisaud ndjoining Sutes, brought in largo numbeip, desirous 10 puy llieir last tribute of respect to tiie illustrqus de, id. Thu vrea ner was every way favorable, over eool for June, ytt not so sultry, and tho dust !aid by a r_ee:il rain, eecured a olear aiid dustlcss atmosphero. Frotn an early hoarBryán Hall was the center of interest aniong the gathered multitudes who fi'lod Clark stroet, the adjacent portions of tlio puUic pquarc, and ewarmod thickly at all available poiuts of view, by w'ndows und root's of adjoiiitng building-, Looking out over tho city, countless rlag:i wero ac half-mast, whiie di)wo tho loüg vistas of oiir streets tho uyo rested upou Bvrnbola ot' mourning, moet lrequent along ihu Btrcetö made thu lian f mareh, bat elttewbero cuinerous. Many of tliesu were most elaborately und tastufully gotten upj flaga were liordurud deep with black, wreaths, festoons, ütreamers, rosattes of black and white iabiics met the eye in evory direetion. Many wore rnourping rosettes, or othcr badges oi griöf, w:iilo countless a'.reet veiiielu.-f bcro liko tokans. As the hour of 10 A. U. dré oear, the spectators beg in to thiukly ine the destiiied route ot the gruat cortege, iiy the orders of thu poüco atithorities, 6iich streets svere kept olear oí' vehicle. To tho lasting honor ol Col. Joseph 11. Tuckor, Cniei' Marshal f tho occasion, and hls aids, be it noted that, for onco, and tno solo iastunce in cur rotnembrance, an i:nmeDso procèssiot) was uatheied and murshakil and mareheJ by the doek punctUHJly. About 10 A. ML, v cortege of six carriajes neatly trinimed witn mouniingsymbolsreceived at tho Lake street eotranw of tbc Treraont tlouse the oereaved fatnily, and their lumily Irieods, lnto the first', passod Mra, Douglas and the iwo snn?, Stephen, ag d 13, and Eobert, nged 11 years. A following c.arriago was occupiod by Mra. Deuglas' iaiher, mother, and sister. A carriage !ead:ng the cortege, neeived Ilev. James Duggan, Bishop of tho diocoso. and two of his clergy, the farmer ii. half canonical attire, the latter in clerical dress sui'a. Whilo theso caniagos wero receivins; their occupants, tho vast crowd of spectators stood with uncoverod heada in hushed silonco Tlie line of carriages then moved to join the procossion. lbnning on Clark street in tront of Bryan Hall. Tho funeral car had, duiing tho ir.orning, recoived much fttwotion, and was visitüd by vury many at the carriage works of Ooan ös Tenbrooke, on Bandolph, near State street. It was a largo platform, oovred with black velvet, risiug upon whioh was a smaller platform, its severa! gradationerèfiwed by silver f'ringes. Over ibis a eanopy was raised, drapèti with American flags, Biiririoun'.ed n tlio center tb a gilt eagle, the whole trimmtd taMefully with raonrning insignia. Tho car was doiwn by six mük-whjto horses. Upon the platform, beneath tha tmnopv, was placed a burial casket, CüDCaiüjUg tfio honored remains. bearing a simple til ver plate, Insoribed : HON. STEPHEN A. D0UGLAS, Born at Urnnilon. V't , April 18, 1813. Died at Chic-g . UI , Juno 3, 1861, Agsd 48 years. Sisty foiir of the inost prominent citzens ot' Qoiongo acted as p)l bearer, each bearinjí a heavy moijrniiig eaarf. The burial casket, coat'aioing tho mortal remains of one upon whom eentered so many hopos, was borne from Bryao Salí, and, amid the iinprpnive eilenco of tho thousands who etood with uncivered boads, was placed upon thefuneral car. Tho procession lbon took up its line nf tpjrcn, Tho Irish Brigudo nccupied the pnsition of honor in the funeral prooession, i the Douglas Guara bttÍQgtbe ñrst company uext the funeral car. The procession was variously estiniatod as (jontaining from (ivo to soveii tbonsund pur:)n-. It moved int Ivake etroet, t!.enc t Miuhigao avenue, ■ thentïü south to tiingoid place, Cottagj Grove Avenue, roactiing itu destjuation , in :i marvh tf ;ib"iit three niilei, the vthile the buha i Í' U; city were tollwL A saluie of artillery w tiivrl it DnrIidiii Piirk, anl ulso ut the 1 Ui rjois Central iviiliciad btulion house. Itwtia Q ipectacle whorto sofeiiín unirJtS!'iVi none who miw vill i.vur fargtt II is cbrtainly luftmorttblu in tho Rst rtf si mi ■ Ut obsuqiiiea pid to iJluatriuus dtuul ti ti.i.x uomitry, l'rWb!y ot loss ihin lli'n ty tliouso!"I [ico lí sh'.ircd in, or wore nilont isppct;itors in iliis most ir.po.sing to.-ümoniul. As tho processinn drew iiear 0ttafi;e Grove it p;i?Sd thróiigh a doDae masfl ui ttpecttitOK, us ii had moved lor thu euiii'u ÜMtunce, betwoeo closo liviojï v;ills il' g-.icr.s on Iho sad p geaut. Ths (irovu wus tnUd iu uvtrv Uiriiclion. Muiiv trt-cs boro Ihoir 1 til ! hi.idcii (f the ui'.ru tidventgroufl j iill the fencer nul buildings ;iloug tho routo were Cju.vered vyith Tookei'SMi'i. 'J'lio line ojE march at i!u lowec eiul Ol tllO tlilO glOUtll df tlCOS klIDWIl IS Ci)it:is{i) Grovu, propor lunioil direct' ly oastwuid to ihc ikc sboro, where, to tlie iKMtli ol the rond, aod imroediatoly oveildokrig tin; laki-, is a traot ui level tui f, üloar il traes, and some acres iu öxtu.nt, tliu highus; pari of tho grounds, a:id tho chcif.ost portion óf u nobje trsjqt ol bitten acres, a wed dilig-day fph to M;-s. Üoug'.us froill hjr hubai!tl, londly proinisol ly tho pair as ího site pf their futuro home. IJero a gravo 'as dug, and awaiting its tenant when wé visitod iho grouod a little in id vaneo oí tha processiou. - tliu entiru inorning, u guard oí honor composed oí' tliu studente of Chicago Univer.-ity, an institución the veipienl ot munitícent favora from Mr. Donólas, had boen üicing t and fro, in syutiiiel duty, keeping Ihe área Iree from thc now'd. The long eórtge entured the groupde lrOiig'ii afi arcbvváy, dfapod vi'; monroing synibols ijvcryuiuig vvas düiiu id thü tiuest oi1acr. The military took up tliirir pftaitioo in a hollow squ:no, v.'itliin w.bich drew up about ihu giuvu tliu funuru) uortGge. Mrs. Douglas did not leavo her oarriage, bi:t the two bous stood witli bowud beáda, teurfully looking on wlile tliü bearera removed thu buri i) easkat Iroñi the car to larga infclooihg cuso, ivliidi itflí has siiice been arebed Gver with biick-work, and a hhhj ilu inound of earlli heaped ovor all, avüit ing the mora permanent mark ing oí tlie s)ot bv h permanent and adequate testimonial Va the services and fumo of the sleeper benealh. Th ere was nu funeral service or re ligiiMi.s rite. Tlie distinguishod Catliolic clófgyntan wlio took part, was only present to pronounce a eulogy over one wi'.h hom in liíu be had a el e and cherislied ÍViendship, whoso lame and name wero di;tir ti him. The Bishop was in only halt' canonical ottiie. - Thse of h:s elergy who irocompanied him wero in plain suïta as reverent spectators. The deceased dying without the pale of tlieir cbuioli, elie bas no service or rites for svich buriul. Tht eulogy and funeral ora imi was ehxjueut mul tel. der, but the utteranees were ihnse óf a liiend only - tliat l'iiend a clergyinni, birt by tho rules of his church bejd bauk trom professional oiticc on the occasion. Just ut iliis time, ly or,o ( tliosu sudden meteorológica! ch'áiie incident t tho l;iku fegioiv, a c!d gray mist eutno sweoping over the bltie waters I ite duncing und Rparklirtg in I ho mui. The ehiliy, fleecy folds uairie üke a pull, iuvésting nvolving ihe f;ice of nature. Never was oluuige moro sudden op mpressivo, as tho vuist muliitude, s f und ing with bnred heada ahout that opon jravf. yialdód to its nrfluenoe. - 'l'hü siloiiou w;is deep - well niti painlul u du; e;ir - amiil that hnshed thron, drikiii2 in :i freah md solumn IteSKoii of inau's mortaiity, thu p;loin of liio gravo, und nut ure's dread oí death. Th'üi, ivliüu vvilli howud he:idi, the ii8semb!ed maltitude in that eol etnn gray rniisi, Rei Bishop IJügiui advniiced to tho brink of ihu opon giave, and pronuuncui tho funeral oration. The caaket was nnt openod if er leaving Bryan Hall, but, thü or&tioo elosed, fresh iicivvt-r.s weroatréwo abovo it, thu rude onelosir.g wonden box was covered with its lid, and this as scrèwed down, ünd ill was over. The carríngeá retnrned to the oity, thé prooHeion ín leaving tho grouud pasned nuar the tiuul resting pliice if Dougláx, und tbence out tipori hs return hotnuwiird. The military with qniokeoed stejis moved to stirring militury airs,' siinulliineo'j.sly the mist inelted into the clear unlight, and tho ei'owd meked bauk into the órdinary evërydoy purstuis of our busy city life. The obsequies of tho day woro over, and a tnomorabfe addition wns rnüTde to the list of occasions whei'e the people havo thronged n-.iá yet cager for a parting tributo of respect to a great, pop lilar k'iider, for sucli wiil ever ïeuiuin in thehUtory of thuse timea the narae ot Dpuglas;


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