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Camp Williams, June 6, 1861 Editou Argi g : In accoidunee i li my proinise to yon, I novv will endeavor to give ' u imd your reaüern :i elight insi:_'iii to uur present quanten - Camp Williafhfl - rmined nfloi General Williams, of Dc.r:it. Alter i very agu-euble trip, we urrived herc about éo'clock P. M., i the diiy we left A mi Ai'bi'i'. Iimnediilclv (Ml our arrival n camp each in;in was furnished with-a blanket, and the eampimy essigned to four rooms on the lcnrar ftnor of tbe College: buildings, on the College groündSj'Whiuh a oor camp, Tlio boys wcre til in jood spirit.-1, :u;il f''ll luslily to worl; Silling tbe tfoka eaigned the pompany, ili Ktraw lor bodö. TtiiH work böiflg cotnpletod, thé or K-r is giveri to fal! u fnrsupper. Tliis was a ui idsorne fuinmons, and oliesel] with alacrity by our boys, wiih ill order .f cid soldier. We wei-o plitced ut tile head óf (he (ble on tbe rïii tit. The t&ble was atnply pruyided wilt substantfnl lood, and mr eyu triistened with j:.y at thu l'jlune prospect of tlio comfort of lbo inner man, ior we had eohooled ourselvée to believe Lhat our f:iro nou Ld bo soraewbat iiku tluit the mendicunt gutJfterfl bêneath the Hch man'a t'ble Officera' quartcrs had i)f)t yet been prepored s( we all supped togetber, B upper oni]ed wo iilcd i ut iind formod compaiiy on College Square; and m:ny w ere the eoniinendaticns nttered in our favor. The bnys bdhaved (and still continue to do eoj in a niünncr tliat reürfols credit upon tlie beuutiful Ciiy wu so sorrowfully left. A fier breaking ranke tho tnen flew to their qüarters ;ind prepared tlieir coucbes for the night. An incident occurred a litilo ifteinine o'clnck that afforded riiuch.mer riment to the bo}-. We got int camp so late in the dny tha v did not recoive the genend orders. Alter supper, nnd nftei' the conipnny w;:s scugly provided fr ir. way of rest (os1 the night, llie three first ofBcers tnolc ii walk down tu the City, abput : ini}e(1 without getth;r tho ]:iss word. On ihefr return to oiimp, n iittle ;if;er nine on meeting tho fiist and second sentineis, and mfonniug them vvho they woro, &e., they were permiite 1 to pass, hut on renchiog the éntranos to their qunrters, whó shonld they önd on guard butoneuf 'hir compiiny, whi perciiiptorily demanded ': wh( comes ihgie?" "Offiuere of thu Biny Guani," was the reply. "Aívince ;u:d give tho conntervigii,1' qnoth (he guard, in potition to üh:irgo bayonet '■ Haven 't got it,'' replied the Captain ' riiaud ! ' exclaiuied cur hero. And they Rtood in silenee : nd in awe: Afler co'leciing tiieir ihnughtt), 'uh;,t shujlwftdo?" asked the trio ' Stand!" repeutod the nturay sentinel. Standing prisoners tluis a few inooientH, the guard vtry kindly bilt Hterrily to'd the cloijghty prisofters they niight ït on a bos near by tül the oiE-'r of tlie guard cama round ; and so they nt lor hall' an hour, wlie.i t Iil1' liirvr of llieguaid ciinid roiiuü wuh iiw reliel pqtitid, md tho Captain ;;nd Lieu(e.nuntt wero releuspd liuni durtfnoe vilo, llore u budget nf fun lor the boya, and y nu in;iy believo tliey niado tho most of it. Tho nest day Wíirk bvgan. Al have Ui rise at drum beat at 5 o'clock. Break Tast at G. Drill from breakfasl till 11. Dinner ut 12 M. Company drill from 2 to 5 P. M Suppur at six. Ai btd und ligdts out at huif ist nine. Thi.s is thu duily routine on weok d y.s, exoept di'ess parade ut 5 o'ulook P. At , evmy day, Sun day nuludud. On lust Sabbalh we had diviné worshiji in the Chape] of the Col logo. The Chuplain of ihy Elogirnent, Dr. Stroxg. dolivercü a most elequent iind Ktirring dieourse apon tlie deuth of the ítiineint ed E1U worth. At timos during the servi'e scarcfly a dry oye could be úeen in the vast audiofice ol soldiere. Tbo Dr. Btíema well fitted fop tho post io whicli ho hu beon oalled. IIo was born in vvdat is novv tlio City of Anti Arbnr, abo ut tho yaar X82J-, and ho loo ingly chorisht'S a lovoíor his birtfapiaco. Ilis father delivered the fint Fourth of July oratioo ever heard in Ana Albor- July 4ih 182-1. Our Camp is boaulifully sitnated abant one ïioile west of the City of Adrián, as I havo ntimated, on the College Kround?, whicfa overlook the City, and afiford a Une prospect oí the City and auiTOUnding country. Friday, Juno 7th. Yesterdiy was an exeiting dny vvith us - 'ho mustering of Ihe Regiment in to the service ol the State 'ook place. Captain WunTLEsEV, of the Brigade StalF, mustered in the Contpanies. Onr Coinpany was the third Bwopn in. Jiot a man flinehed, and aftel' the oatli had been adfninistered, the Oolinel stepped lorward, and annoiineed that on Sutiirday (to-n)o:ro) tho Regiment would cuinmence receiving t Ju-ir dothing, and on Tiuv-ifl y, tho 13Lh nut!, tho Regi. ment would tako np i's marob lor Washington. At ihia our Company gave three eheers that made the weikin ïiiif. Our Company rect-ivcd their oh(06 tliis morriing - ninety.eight pairn - Boyousen onr Cutnptiny is f uil. Th commUsioned ofiSoors havjetobuy Iheir own oiittít. Our company und in faut llio u linie ltrgimü'it, draws pay Irom Hio W h day of Mny - the d:ile of il (Tgnnizalion, Our company has liten und is reiniirkably heultliy - only onc or two havo boen ill, and tliat. illllesa slight, resulting from chango of dieand water. Many of tho boys urn ansi'Uis to visit thoir friandf befire leavingf, and v,ill have u chance to do so (purhiijps) nest week I put in lbo word " perhaps" fur tho rtfason. ih ,t Uier.) is not a day to ba lost in getting leady !i:.d drilled. 1 havo mueh moro that I would lik'; to iiiitc bnt can not now. I am very I thankful tor the ' Aai;s,'' two numbers of wbicb I havo reoeived. I willon- d'i.vor tu keep our triundá n Aun Arhor pnsted i:i regard : mr Compftny nt loas', und as nuicl] more as timo rin) opporturjity will ullow. Dril' vall 1 bour, and must close, Ydius in luiste, K. ö. Du PU Y. fl3iL" Bumors are circulated tlcit the subscription for the benefit (f tbe Stonicii Gunrdg is ; ot jiaid now tkat tlio Co'mpany ia goue. Thev are falsu. Tbe biimity v:is p.iiil to eaoh )i;in wtiilü nt Fort Wayne, and tho lirst months' wages : has been pai3 m cwry casï. Otlio'r pjijuioiits wdL hc made as thej fall due. t" TUö returns froin t!io ïonno.ssoo eloction are nut all in, Uut the f.ip;o Lau doubtlcss resuked in the iidnption of tlie secessiun ordin;incf by ft largo majority, It Yas a soit. of L'iuis Napolen clectioon E "Whilo the Sccond Michigan Regiment w.-is leaving Bult moro for Washington, Btoues wei-o fabrown into the car of Conipany B, Sergeant Kellogg, standlig on tlio platform, was hit, and uinjediately fired a;.d brought down lus man. JfcST I' OH. O. tí. BliOWMNQ, Of Quinoy, 111., luis boon appointed to succeed Judgo Duloi,as in the U. S. Sonate. jJ;2Jr All cyea bave been nnxiously turnod for BSveral dnys fcowards Hnrpcrs Ferry, but 110 fight, - or known flight - has oceurred thera yet. We can not afl'ord to lunibor our colamos witli the innumerable rumors and predictions originatin; with sensation correspondents - Wlicn sometliing happons we will teil of it.


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