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Blockade Of Savannah

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It having beeu reporied that a Fetier;il l)lnck:uliiir cquudmn was of] ciur bar, thu Rii!4ittn CuumiI, und thu Jirititii Ait i DB Cnisul i'.)r this ii"i. ciiartered the stouwer ReMilute, yo.-teidav, and went uown U) iiqi.irü the exact i-tute oí things. One vefSel, the Ui:ir., was obrtttrved it unuhor nfl'ihti bur, iind a thoy upproucheil hor, vvhn ab uit ;i inilo otf, sho Gred twu ;ois i:i her direclion, boi i i uliioli li'll short, fno Uetailute had tho liiii.-li flag Öyitiff at lid masL liead. and il MU.ill vi ue fjilg ut hei' Pturn, which it nppear." us n t disuoverei!, ai slio was Ijoailing direotlv fur tlu' Union. Öho tucked so na to display her oolors, wlioa the fiiing imniL'iliately ceasod. Upoo reautiing tho Unii)n. wliich ia a siiuiü of sonio i-ix hiindrod tonr-, ai'ined jriib-fuur aight-inch coTumi;, and ono sis pounder cannoB, wkh abiHti 100 moi) n board, mider Capt. G"lü.-hoiü, the Consuls' wore in v'itüd ui bourii, umi iiaiidsKino npologiet) worö iiüurt'd {on Imviog ijjiion.ntly Ürud (111 II IKMill'al ft:igLJ , on iuquirv as to thj pumose "I tliH Uiiion, ie C iibii !s mu' iniiuinud lluit Uiu bluckado of ClianeMon und 8iiai])ah, aml l!.n nténiitdiiito CtuH, cnü.iucMxi-J on Tiu;.May, ibfl 28tlJ inst., that neuti'u] vessela vvould hú idliefl tii:ui!u lays frum ihet duto to leve 1a: po,!," aai) that VOSSels O in nat i - r t would bo aljowed to enter, nor Cii:ffdei'iitp vs.-cls lp dopiirt. The bttiukudiliK .-qaroii, hü clH ed, coii :-s'.-i] ■! '.he íi iiiiiH.-i.t.i, the VVnb.íicti, tho Union, und h l'ourtb, ;ho name of which wat tioi. reccllocted, As tho Consuls wwru Mturnjrig ' the ci!v, ihey wre apprtmohed b.v piirties n a bont iroin iho curr.p, on thu Tviiee, who ufotined Ihem ihtit on Jiif-d.iv Lighl u row-boal isontnining offieurs and tnarioea onnie in froin tlio se, and. ben a $br; distante from hore, firuO on tho sentinels. '1 i.o Utter retúrned tho oornpüment with interest, when tho ininodiaU;!,)' tncked nbout und rtt red. ïfiek object, douliilcss, was to discover whether or not the sTand w; putirdi'd - :i fuct i uliich tliey wero ioForriied t' tlioir entire satisinction 'J'he is lliu only vossol of tha bloclndiog Squitdroa wbich is now in s;ü!il.


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