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A Couple Of Rebels Captured By Michigan Troops

A Couple Of Rebels Captured By Michigan Troops image
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Alex&nctria, J uno V. Two prisönora wen: eaptiired yesterdnv liv fntiv prívales (if Oompnny B, Mi"-hiffitn Rgirneut, ono mile tliis side of Berk Station, :inrl 13 miles from h'Te. m the Ornnge ind AU-xandria lí:ii]'n:ul. Une of tho prisonc'S is a i-nrpnnil in n eavnlry i': mpany, and tho nther :i privnfe . in the Govurnor's Gn.rrls nt, liichmond, wbioti is also a eavnlry cwnpany. The Michigan men, tvbile ooontinff, ñpproaehrd i)"iir Berks Station, whor thov sm'.v a nuinher of stucks of tTiUBkets. They put back, and were pnrpneH bv the two rebela, l)iit otiarbt rofngn in ambuitb, and uoceeaed in caphirinfí their pri-íoner, and bronarht fliem to to vn, where tlicy are trented wifh exoeedins kindness. They nppear t l)e quite wmiented, ind ono of them, whn is i phywéïan, is vvi-iring a statoment "f lus expërienco. Tho naipes of 'he'prisoner are Dr. Thomas M. Flenv ming nni Samuel Green.


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