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The Wool Clip

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Ve are hnrdly preparad to expresa an inteil gent opinión as to the prospecta cf Wool, for tlie marlii't 8 so eiitirely oOTOttled that manufacturera wd buycrs liare not determltied on thoir coarse. We ennnot promite Ihat the market will open briskly, or that flceces will bring anjthing like Iho pficea uf Inetyenr; neither aan wo ndvi-e growere to eell or keep ovi r, 1 he Michigan Farmer of last week says : Wc leurn tliat somo few early clips haye 11 ] ren d y liocn tftken by purohaeers fit pri'eea tnnging bet ween 25 nnd 30 cents. From ttie very latest nibrmatioH at our coiiiinaiiJ, t hu rd'.-.-s for ii!i-clri-fs rom t h enit ure v. ry üglit wlu io nny linve been given, but as a general rule tluj nsart-fnoturera of the iiwrket The Kew York quotations at pres ent re : Full blood merino fleíoe, 40 a 4í2e flalf thre-fourth blood flotee, 3f n 40o lative s quaner bloml ñeeoéj 34 a 3Gc Cominon Het ce, 31 ft 33c Canada íleece, 2S a 33c Wlien we eoiMtder that all sales are on six months titne wi:liont intcreBt, and we lak'; the eest of trnnsportntiuii, con:inisso:i, insu ranee, ani alt ther ejcpejmfs incident lo pqt ting tin wool in thfl hands of eastern jmrchasirs, inny place tlu Michigan pneei of the saine gradea as lollows, if we tiiku the fpstern marker, ns a guide. FtiH blood merino flbeoe, 32 a 34o íhilf i linee fomt h blood fleeee, 3l n 32o Native Aone fourth blood fleeott. 36 a 28e Common ñot-ee, 22 a 25c ïn tbis m:rket, thfTO will be noSn.von fleec2 offerwl at present. Full blood mrfïno ciins will bt iu-!t] up. HulfftoH fhrtje-foTiptii blood ■will be oííored :uid wou'L be tuuclied at over 30 cents. Conree Iota won 't pny ovtr ÜÜ cents South down fleeees ought lo be W'orth Üi tu 2S cents


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