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The Home Guard

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An luljourned meeting of Llie Homo Guard was held nt t.he Courl. House, in the Cit3' of Ann Arlor om UioStli day of June.1861. After being called to order by the Clinirraan, Iho Comnnttee on Bi L-aws raported the folio viut, n'liich were adopled : lst. This Comp&cy thMl bc l;nown fis the Home Guard ot Ann Arbor 2nd. E:eh -nemtwr of thi Conpany hall hc of the rge of 45 yi'arsor over. 3d. Tliere fhall be ene Cnplain, ene lst Lieulenant, one Senior and one Junior 2nd Lieutenant; 4 Sargenta; 4 Corporal, and one Treasurer who nhall also be Clerk of the Company. There shall also be a boird of three Directora who shall liaví fu II control of thcfunds of tlie Compnny. 4th. TIn re hail be three membt-rs elected tp serve as a Co rt Hartn] for the trial of nll offfiiccB, tne to be digiiated as Preiident, snd also as Judge Advócale, all of whora êhall havo the poweis and perforai ihe duties uauülly possessed and exercised bj' Courls Jlartial. 5ih. Any membpr füiüng to answer to bis came at ruil all glmll pay a fine of one dime intofhc Trcasnry of the Oompnny, 2th. Each and every meuiber if this Company í-hall appar and drill fiorr: 3 lo .r o'clock, 1'. M on the2nd Sa'unlay of eaeh month (woatht-r pei mittiogj at sueli place as designated by the commanding offioer vf the Company, and at sueli othei times as ihe officers direct. 7th. All offieors shall be elected by the Company in euch nianiur as iliey shall determine at the time of election.and such #ttch officers sball bold ihsir cffice for the term of one 3'enr and till succtssois eliull be clecied. On motion the Compnny proceeded lo an ] electioM which resulted as fo:iovs : fur Cuptain - Ekwhd Clai.k. lst Lieuttnai.t- N(-Uon Mrocg. Ber.a 2nd ( R. Slawson. J"n " " - Daiius Douglass lst Sergeant- Emnnuel M Heuriques. Qnd ■ -E M. Cr-jsby. 3rd '■ - Orrin Collier. 4th " -E. G Wildt. Ji Corpcral - Stephen VVibster gnd " - Chm-chill II. VauCleve. 'rd " - Enoch James. 4th " - Solomon Hnnn. Trea turer and Clerk- El ij.ih V. üorgan. Judgr Advocate. - Calib Clark. Director- KufusKuight, Keuben Newton Micliael Claneey. Court Martal-Vm. & Manyan], President N. A Piudden l IJOíi,lt. On motion, it was Toted tliat the Compnny will meet f.t the Court l:oue, in Ann Arbo." cn Saturday ncxt, at :i o'clock, P. M-, (ut drill and that the Editors o Uie City papers be rnque.=ted to publisli the rpil ut the Company oodthe proeeedings uf t]i) meeting SOLOMONMANN. Chairman. íp The eïer-patriotio citizons of Whitfno;v Lnke inj vicinity hnve arninged to pelubrate the coming National Anniveisary 5n an ppropriate manner. The Declaralion qf Independente wül bu read by Wm. Jat, EJ-, Hnd an orntion will be delivered by pur i feUow-citizen.the liev Dr. Taffan whioh Wa I rül warrnDt in accurdiince wiMi the spirit of .he times. The oih'.T fcstivities of the day vyill be ihose usual to tlie Ofensión fSfT Hou. J M. Greqobï is to de. liver íhe annual add :cfb beí re the Liteiary Socielies of the Uiuvursity, on Mondfty ereniDg. the25th inst. It will be weü -worih hearing. L3ET Miciiael Picket, a laborer in the emplny cf Vnndehuden & Wood, Briettnako. 8, cas diowned on Sunday morriieg last, while batliing n Sinclair's mil] pond.- He was about 35 year? eld, and k'aves a wifa and two cbildren. L3r The store oí' John lióse, on Ánn Street WM entered on Friday night loBï.and n shot bag eontaining about $60 in specie carried eflf The burilar rafujod to toueh í'titump tail ' and bilis of broken banks A reward of $50 is oflfered for the conviotiou of the burglar.


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