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MAt Empire slfjB:; fl book sioas Aii A UK Nuw u:-'..(:, blKKCT FROM PCBIJSlIMto ANT1 Uumifucturcrg, ;i N'ew n:: , . LAW & MEDICAL UüüKS, School Books, Miscellancous Books, Blank Rooks. dan set "x1 .A. rr1 1 o nsr 33 n tr ! Wallaml WIqJow Paper, i)i:iwiiiir an1 Nfathcmatlcal [nairuinentg. Huslc, J.uvtuUe Librariu, Kuvi Iojkw, luk ami Cuida. GOLD t4(Z all olher kinds of Pens and Penáis Window Oonifcc, shadoa and Fitnrp, POCKET CUTLEKY! And everytliing pertiiimnjr ín iin (rade, and more to wldchtlioy wuuld iiiviti' {).miiiih:i.ii nf lbo country. Tu coti'lucüng our bi siricss, we hall dn all that Oftn hedoné,'so th;ic do rcasonable man, woman orchilO sloali fiml auy fauli . We podftes fticflftfes which will entibie us to supj-lj' our stomer at Uw Lowéet Possiblé Figures. W'p propose iosell for )X'.'.. DY PAYj ;i! (I TOIftfl ail vanee. Wt: oxpect d iruflt on ouroods, but Cash Sales will Admit of Low FIGÜBES. We li.ivp onjn-f,l tho serrices ol .lAMKj F. 81'AEDIXG, bflrsforoani prpaxed :u furnih Visiting, Wedding and all olher Ca ds writlen to order, with ncutnásx and i&paick, bij mail or olherwisc, Tho uE9nroBocnc8iOKB,"fBinani!64 hy tyoofl 'crew,' ml ihcy will ulways be found on th "quartfr duok," ri-i.i'.y tu : í:...í to .-utenilto all ffitli pleasure, wio wil! favor lUem with oijll, llemembor tiio "Empire Book Store." JAMES R. WEBSTER & Co. Ann Arbor, Mar, 1860. ?Jg THE BANNER STOSE. SECOND ARRIVAL - OF- FALL Sz "WHSTTER E3r E E X S GOOIJS FRÖM AIOTION. Facts for the Feople -OF-AMD- ADJOTiNmTG COUNTIES ! And their Dumeroue questions answci-il. Why in Everyhmhj trading at the "BANNER STORE? ' - Because A. P. !Y1ILLS3 the Propriet.or of tliat Establishment hasjust returncd frorn the Eoatera Oiticswnh the Largest, ILuulsomed, Cheapeüt, and Mout Attracties Stock of ÖTAPLE AND FAKOY DRY GOODS! ever brought to this part of the State.] Yhy is Ecerijhody pkased with his Stock? IVcauso hipsívVs are morg bcaiititul, qnality bel prioes lover tiian at ary other ston 'm Qe rjuunty. Why has he alioays Smnitliing New and Cheap to Slioiv? Bccnusob-i hrtsa fiicnil c'Min.'ft'1'! willi on" (ff Hio ly fist PryOoodfl Houbmi in N'tv Vork. in contlnaalsi " "roBBING ROUND" for chMp bargidns and the lat e stvlcs, as thev appear from time to time and in U's way üeopsbimsuppUed with atylai, and coruunUv customerK iitid suiuiithingKriish, NEW CIIEAPand DESIRABLE WJiy does 'at sell so much Cheaper than the resi? Bmohm be hu & buyer In the city all the (me to bün dvaniase of the oattuial change of tho raarket, and in that wav buT8 bU gooda mudh ohftftperthan oihev.can, and ihv.c he maiks thcio dowu U the IiOTWEST FIGURES. IV11 does he teil Ladies' and Childrens' Simes to much chenper ihan was eocr Itcard oby the oldest Shoemakcis? Because bc buy hl kU& In tlic lani! of hoomakers, of the manufactorers, ftilly 26 percent eheaper than thfl New yorV Jobbew scll t hem, and nmch botter woi-k than tlioy goncrally keep. llusCMirse eu;ib!ís hini to sella bctter Gaiter for 35 Ccnls. than othcriwll at 50 ponts,anl a bettcr F9XKD GA1TEP at 50 ceutfibau otbers oll ;it 7ó contü. fías he any Hals and Caps? Vos,T Bhoold t liïiik bo hris stacks of tlifin, enoogh to supply the State, at prlofifl lowor than was evurheardof rouud these parts. Why is his Tea so much bettcr for the price you pay titan you get al olMr places? Hocïiupe hc talies great care in selecttng it, aud givefihis custoinyis the bein-iit of a roal ood 75 cent TEA FOE 50 CEiNÏS, Uisaway lie h;is :: -!. Where should you go to get yaur CLOTUS and have Úiem Cut or Made? To tho BANNER STORE, where the l'cople's e unfurled for tho Pei'i'V Bgoc 1. Bouth f,ide of Public áqviarc, a fewdoois west of Cooïi't Botftl. A. P. MILLS. Sopt. 18, 1860. "OCtf Ann Arbor Marble Works. 334,to:tiolclox Í f AS on haud a fine a.Lu-Liuent of American and ITALIAN MA li B L E which he Ís prepared to manufacture into UO N U MENTS. II E A I) , 4- 3cc=--f-TrV STOXES. TOMO NïjlS ílí"' 'S':i': in all thc-ir variflios, and in a WORKMANLIKE manner, Having had considerable expoi-it-nce ín the bumuess lie flnttr hiiurtelf that lie will be iiblo to pleae all who maj favor me with their oii'era. Hii pricus LÖW AS THE LOWEST. (lioso wiihinï auy thiDa n ray l'.B Jtr ranpectfully inited to oall. D. C ÜATUHELllKR. Ann Ailmr. May M, 1SC1. 801U Oval Picture Frames AI.I. S17.B?, BmjB and TRICES just receircd and for .sale choapat CIIOFF & MILLER'S. D 25, WOtf 1000 Vests, Shirts and Drawers FtT Ssle cli'.'ap t ODITERMANA Co


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