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8 R3AT. GREATER GRE ATBSJ. r.A'.;;UKS EVKU Ol'FERED 1859. jgL-J859. e 21 ( . il" ju 4 fc flmn „in " lm n )aMn"ii ' -" JrWwr - f1 ín tb Í3 City, arouow being offercd at tÜG CIIEACLOCK.WATCII, & -3T oV7V7 elry Storcould iy to the citizonsol Ann Ar1 bor.l partícula?, ntid the rest of Wqhieiiaw Cnuntv in "nriiT-i-. t;.;:t iiühftsjusl IMPOItrCD DIRECTIE ir.-n, EtJJttOPK.S Tremendo as Stock of "Watcbes! Mi of which Ii" btpds hiiïiBfir to sell CÏIK PKli than Wought west ol New York City. Opëri Face Cylinder Watches (rom Í6 to $10 ni tl o Lover do do K to 2L Elunting Case do do ïo 14 to 35 do dn Cylinder do do 9 to 28 Gold Watebes from 20 to 150 1 l.avo íiloi) tne CKLUBIIATËI) AMEll'CAN WAT CHES, wiiich ï will sni tir $35. EveryVYatch warrantod to perform woll, or the monaj retunded. Clocks, .'■ vflry, ViWcd lVarè, Fnnry Gooils. Gold Pens, Musical Inslrumciits anÍ Strings, Cntïery, &c, and Ín fflnt avarüty of.every;nÍD8 uiáally kopt by Jew ;. rscan bebnngfitfortbe next ninety (1 iys ttt v"Wi" O W N I' 11 I C E S ! l'oraone buying; nnything nt this wrll known cstfib Itsiiino iit can rn!y upon íjetting gooiK t'.xct'y as rOp: esent tl, or themonny relunded. fïftllearly and secure the bost tmrgaiua ever ufiercd iu tbil City. One word ïn regard to Rcpairing : We nre prepared to mnkc any rennirs onfino or commou W . . ■ ■ ■■ 1 er ttre eotlrti watoh, n nry. Repsirlng of i'lockB hnó Jowelry as nsnai. Al?o tïrtï numofactartng oJ Kï NGS, BROOCHS, or auylliing des í red, frpm California Gold on short uoIfce. HnpraTlpe la hII iu tranchas cxcentedwithnt?ut ucss n:iJ di3mteh. J C WATTS. Arm Arbor, Jan. 58thlE50. 7i4w ïroii ace Waters, Í ? " iV 2' 3.t3 Uro s a -iv a , Ne w Y o v k I'ub'islur of 3tti Ic nl Bocks AM) DKAlilB IN Piano?, Melodeons, Alexandre Organ. Organ Accordeons, Mèrtin's cc'cbratod andother ötiitars, Violinn, ïwnor Viols, Violincello3, Accordeons, Flutinas, Flutes, Fifee, Triangles, Clari inettS, "Tuü'ng Foiks, Pipes andHammers, ViolinBowj, bestltalian BtringSj Base [nstrutnenta for Bands, Piano Stoolst, aivl covei's, and all kkuls of Musical fnatruments, SS 3a. o o t Uï xi S i o, Prora all the pubbsbera in tbeU. 8., Bertinl'a Hantin'B and Modern School, andall kinds of Instmction Book the above inRtraments; Chareta Muslo Books: ï;i-i elegantly boandj Mn paper, and all kinds of Uosi A t t he Lowest Prices. New Pianos, At $175, $200, $225, $260, and up to $$00. Seeood Hand Piaiiofl i:-:n i- up to 1ÖO; New Melodeons, 946, $00, S7' ip i( 500; Socond Hand v ■ trom $30 to $80; les i opa, $160 ■ .-, $l84and $225; thirteen stops, $250, $276 am ■: A libera,] discoun . ■li.'.s. Sabbaiu 8da i-i : i ■ . . BUppliod ut Uk' u.suüI tradt discouotfl Testimoníala of t!.c lïorace Waters Planos iincE Blelodleoiu John Hérctt, i, New Volk, fcrlïo has liai om of the Horac Watera Ranos, writcsaa tollo ws: - "A fi ■ parchase a piano Co her. Hhe likoa tbe one you sold me in Dew nab ■ c in '.iiis placp, :t i'i i i hink oan introduce one or two more; thej will be m lar than aoy otber n have two of Waters' ríanos tn nee En ovjrSemi 1,-iry, one of which has been severelj tested for three .■■■.r-.--. :■!: i ■-..■■ ■. ■■;n testify to theii good qualtty aiid dara bility."- Wood -v Gh-egovy, Uount Carrol!, IU. "Ó, W ie of your Piano Fortes for two jears past. I hare fomuï itaver_j superior In&truvient. : w, Principal Brooklyn lU-ïghis Semiuary. "Tlie Piano 1 reccïvod From you continae ! isfactlou. I regard, it as one ats iathe place.'1 I ■. ■ U Cl m'.kk, Charl-rtoi, Va. M lafeiy arrive4. I feel obliéd to you liberal discount." Rev. J. M. ilcCoRMick YarquesjsillcS, C. ':y roccivod. Itciimp ín excelleni i'on.tiiiuii, and is vovy much adintred byiny n iUiniiy. Accepi ii v wnnlw tor your promptuees." - EtoBRKt nrenham. liradjved Co. Pa. "Your piano pi :i ■ ■■■■ us weil. It U the bes) oni in our uonnty.1',- TlloM;,-; A. L&THAÏI, CampbeUton, Ga. "We ave ven much obliged to yon íbr háving sent sach a Rae. instrument for tBO," - BkaxkIüld & Co,, 'The Horace Watera Pinnosarcknown Rsamonjf the vi -ry best We are enabledto speas of these instrü'. menta with confidence, from pewonal knowlede of their od Jurabïe quality." - ÍV. Y. Evangelist. ;i spésk of thé merita f 1he Hornee Waters ptanos from personal knowledge as baing the veryflnesi l Heiligeneer. "The Borace Watera pianos are ouïlt or the best and ■, Bettsonea We have no doubt that huyera can io as wcll.perhnps botter, at ihis than al srhonse in thoUnion. - Advomte and Journal. ! melodeons challenge comparison ■,v-;-,li the fiuest made ánywUére ín the conntry."- Home Journal' "Hcctcc Waters1 Piano Fortes nre of ruil, rich and i,and powerfaï - -V. Y. Musical Review. "Our friends will Bnd ai Mr. Waters' store the rery ■ irttnoni tf Ma- and of Planos tobe found in onthern tinñ wttstern to giro tuin a cali wlientver tiicy goioNev York." - Qrahitvi's Magazine. Warchouso 333 Broadway, N. Y. SabbathSchool Bell, 100,000 Issucd In ten Months. Tlie onpreocdentod palo of thiubook has induce! the publifther to aiW b-ome 30 new tunes aml hymn (toli mi! lize, withoul extra charge, except on thecheapodltion- Amoiig thomany bcautiful tanes and hymn . may be totrad: - "I ougjrt to ïove my mother:" "O PU be a modchUd.IndflcdlvrüL" These and olghtothers from the Bell, ■■. the Sunday School Anmwv[he E. Charca at the Academv of Uosic, with The Tïi'll cortuins bCftfly '-00 ttmefl and nd is one of the best coUeotiona ever issucd. i r ■ ' ■■■■: WOpethundreíLpostageíoElegantly bound, gilt, 26o, $20 per 100 It bas been introducod inlii many of the Public Schools. i . ■ ö ; is published ín small num))ers entitlod Annirarsaryand Sunday School Kuslo B loks, Kos. 1. "-'. 8, & !, in order to aoeominodate the miUioa; prioe S2 & $a per I No. 5 will soonbe Eseued - coftuneneei book. Aiso, Revival Masic BookS, No, l í:, ! ,v $2 per 100, postftge lc. More tliaa 300,000 copies ui tho aoore books have been iBsoed the past i moutiis, and tuo demand ís xapidiy noxeasutg Published by HORACE WATmS, Agent, Broadwaj X. ï". Fublised by Horaco Waters No. 333 Broadway, New York. Vocal, "Kind Words can neverdio;" "The Angels told me bo;" "Wilds of tho Wcat;" "Thouf?hts of God;'1 "Gtva lúe back my Uóontafn Home;' rtÖay Oreams' I(Dandy CockBoblnf' ;Tm with thee stUl;'Pe1 1 no ilarilng Uke mine;" "Saiah Jane Lee "Efver of thee;1' "I'm leavtng tuee ín Bottowj" "Krdof Beauty:" "Home of uur biith;" "Grave of llosabel,' and 'Wake, ladyfwakeH' prloe 2ftoeaoh. ' Insibuhbntal, - ■ "■ b, or Slneing üird Polka,' 40c; "Swingiog Schottische;" "Mirabel Schot■i i,, mas Bnker's SehottlscliB;" 'Píooolomini Polka, üö oejftts eaoh. The abovepteoe havobeautifal Vignettee. "Welmoe Polka;" "Arabian Wai ory Uarch," ovianna DonleUs Kas ns Polka:11 "Crinoline Waltz," anl "Lancen1 Qua dril1e."2fic each. "The Km pire of Keich'fi Quadrille;" a new (lance, and "The EDojÓrpian QuadriUo}n 86oeacfa. M&uy of these pieces are played by linker'.-, celebra ted omIi -1 ra with great ap])lrue.Sr llailed frc. A lAïge lot of Foreign Music at b;ilf pricc. pianos, Melodeona and Organs. The Horace Waters Planos and Molodeons, for depth, purily of tone and durabilKy, are unsurpaiwed. Pnces very ïow SecOnd Hand Ptenoa and Uolödeona froïn $'2ñ to $150. Musicaudilutjtcal Insiructinus of :ill kinds, atthc lowest pdoeaHORACE WATERS, Agent, No. Sa3 Broadway.N. Y. TiTiMoyiALS; - (íThe Ilornrír Waters Pianos ure known as amonpf thevery best.' - '. "We can peak of thete mei it lion personal kuowledge." - Ckrietian Inteltigcvcer. uKotningat the Fair displayeJgrcatcrexceUnce -íf - Ckurckman. Waters' Pianos and Helodeons ohaUengecomparfson with the Anest made anyv.herein tbc country' - Home Journal. 719tf Irving's Works - National Editiou iPills Fin Êdltïon of the Worki of WAaBffMtrros Tb J. vrxc (ucluUing tho lile oí Washiugtu) ill bc pub ia lied fur SÜBSCRIBERS OKLY In Monthly Volumes, Price $1.50 TuyaMo on Delivery. BeantifaUy Prfnted on heavy stiperflne paper, "i Èhi i quality, and subhtauliaüy bouud in Jieav,) bi-vi-lk-d boards, 33"Kaeh Volume illustrated with Vigncttei on Steel and "Wood. LJJ ' Killekérboeker'fl New York, Sketch Book, ('loth. Colambus, ■' vols. Bracebridgo Hal), Astorla, Tales of a Tra veler, i ellany, api . BonnevUle, Qoldsmiih, Uahoniet. ii vols. Ovenad ■ . Alhambra . Wolfett'a Koost, Life of Washington, 5 voh. I Salmagnadl. Thisedition will be sold sxctnsivsLT to Subscribers nul will bc grcatly BQperior U noy evtr befo re Isauedy■V voty hauilaoino set of these univereally popuUuj wörS. .- tima placed wltbln the m'iinK of all. t-' J'. ITINAM, A-r., PubltAlior, ll&N&s nu stfeet.New Yoik.


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