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I. O. O. F. W?1ITEN'AV L0TK3E No. , of the Independent ,t1it of Od.l Fcllowe meet at theli Lodgd Room, rery Kii'l;iv eveDing, at 7} o'clock, M." V. K.'.IOXIX, N. G. J.F. FBAIBÜTO, Seo'v. bTg-. sütherland & son, rrTHOMSAI.E AND liKTAII, Groeprsnnd CommiMion W Mercliantg, Eaat si. Ie Mam Street Ann Arbor. DR-B.HES8E, PiivsrciAN & ícitíMoa Hespocíií'ully tender bis profcssional BeiTlces to the citixens of Ann Arbor rad ricinity. LS Office ín Mack's New Building, aln Mrcct, Ann Arbor lliob. f N. IÍ. Night calis proraply attended to. TWITCHELL & CLAEK. ttoAxbts and OoxinaeUora ut Lair, General ïife :inl TL Fite Insurance agent. Offloo in City Hall Block, n {{aran Sí., Ann Arbor. Collections promptly mde .ndn'mittoil, an'l special attention paid to oonTeyancing. n.e.TVMT.IIKI!., rrtótfl E. F. CI.AUK. j."m. soott. AMIIROTTPE k PH0TO0KFH AbtIPTS, in tilC tO0m8 formerlyocoupfedb Cordley, over the store ot Sperry k Mum- lv'rfici MUifaction louanteed. W. N. STRÖNG, DULEB in Dry Goods, ÜDOts andSlioes, Grocorios, Bodhets, Wincy Qooát, Sc. Exchange Block, Aun Arbor. AVINS & KKÏQHT. DEAiEKsinPtaple, Fancy Dry Good, Boots and Shoes, &c. te, Min Streel Ann Arbor. "ÜTÁETIN feHÖBlPSONT" Fi-RsnuKB Wakk-Rooms, Dealer in all Vmdiof Fornttnie, ie. Sew Block, ílaio Street EISDON &HËNDERSON, " DEALER? m Ha r.l are, Stovos,liousfcfurnishing goods, Tin Ware Sc. to., Nct Illock, Main Street. "' Á. P. MILLS, DF.un; in Staple Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes and Ready Ma.le ClotUng, HuronJ3treet Ann Arborl ; BEAKE3 & ABEL, TTORNi-Tfi & Corxsr.Li.oRS at Iw, and Sotioitors in A.Chan.ry. Üfflcc in City Hall Block, over Webster & Co'n Boon Store, Aun Ubor ' KÏKGSLEY & MORGAN, A ttorn-kys. Counsellor, SoUcRors, and Notarle Pub. lie, hare Books ajid Plats showing Utles of all lauda In the xmnty,andattend tooonveyaneingandeoUeoting .cinan'ls. and to pftying taxe and school interest in nnv part of the State. Ofticeeastsiie oftlie Square, Ann Arbor. JAMES E. COOK, JrSTirE of the Phace. Office near the Dooot, Ypsilanti, Michigan. . " Wm. LEWIÏT, M. !., PwmciJiM & SuBflEO. Office at bis mKenoe, Kortb side of Hurón street, acil id huuc Wertoi División itooet, Ann Albor. O. COLLIER, AjT.uraMcmtBaad'dwler ín Boota and Shocs. ExlVI chango Block, 2 doore South of Majnard, Stebbins fe Wüsnn's Store, Ann Arbor, Midi. MOORE & L00MIÍ5. RTiNTFACTVKEna arel .frp.ler in Boots nnñ SIiopk, rVL PlKSBix lilock, Muin Street, oue door North of "aphington. Wu. S. SAUNDERS, ín Boots, ShoeSj and RuVoera, Ann Arbor Cash Boot & Shoe Store, south sirte of Public Square. M. GUITERMAN & CO, WnoLEfUT.Eand Retíiil doalcrs and nifinufcturers of Beady Mado Clothing. Importern "f ('luths, Cassinercs, Doeskina, &c. No. 6, Ne Block, Aun Artor. C. B. PORTER, Mvb SURGEON P'KVTIST. Office comer of yr.n WAjtf& and Hurón stroets, over 1'. Bach's stuic, jTt91@4 Ann Arlt.-r, Jlichígan. U-ÍLJJLJ Aprü, 186, Wm. WAGNER, Dkjhck in Keady ilade ClotliingCloths, Cassimcrcs and Vectlngt, Jlats, Caps, ïrunks, Carput Bags, So. Min it. , Ann Arbor. EACH& PIËllSON. Dkai.eiís in Dry Goods, Groccric?:, Hard ware 5 Boots & Shoes, &c., Main street, Ann Arbor. MAYNARD, STEBBINS & CO., Teai.krp in Dry Goods, Grocorios, Drucrs fc Moilicinos, VCBooto & iShoej &c, coinorof Main and Ann streets, ■ust bel w the Exchango, Ann Arbor. SLAWSON & GEER, 1rocers, h Commútfion Mí'rcbant.rinrldcaJT lersiu Wat Limk, Laxü I'i.astep, and I'lastek üf Parir, one door East of Cook's Hotel. C. BLISS, Dealer inClocks, Watches, Jewelry. and Fancy Goods, at the sign of theBig Watch, No. 27 ,1'hocnix Block. J. C. WATTS. Dealeu :n Clocks, Watcliep, Jvwttaj anclSilrcr Ware No 22, New Block, Ann Arbor. T. B. FREEMAN. Barïier and Faslnonable II;iir Dresser, Main Street, Ann Arbor, Mich. Hair Fronts and CurI kept Jonstantly on hand. SCHOFF & MILLER. DEALERS inMiscellanenns, Pchool, aml Tïlanl; BookB Fía tionery, Paper Jlaugings, &c., Main Stiuct Ann Arbor. MISS JENNIE E. LINES, TEACHER OF Piano Forte, Guitar, and Singïng, beitw desirousof snlargtng her class, will rccoive DHpllfl at the residcncc of Prof. WINCHELL, which being near the Union School, will be very cinvenient for Ruch tícholftrs attending thcre who may wish to pursue the study ofrausicin connectinn with other branches. Term.sSlO, half to bc paid at the middlc and the baloceat the close io the torni. D. DeFOREST. Wholesale and Rctail Doalcriu Lamber, Laih, Sbia glos, Sash, Doors, Blinda, Water Lime, Granel River Piaster, IMaster Paris, and Nails of all sizc. A full Jind pprfcct auortment of the above, and all other ■inds of building matcrials constantly on hand at the lowest possible rates, on Detroit Street, a few roda from fcho Railroad Hepot. Alao operating extensively in tho l'atent Cement Rooftng. WASnTENAWCÖÜNTY B1BLE S0CÍETYDepository of Biblea aod Xeitamenta at the Society price.s at W. C. Voorheis'. CHAPÍN, WOOD & CO SÜCCKS8OR8 TO MANUKAUT11H.KRS OF 3PrÍIl1A'N2?OC3 COLOREO MEDIUMS, AN'W ARBOH M1CII. Rifle Factoïy! A. J. SUTHERLAND TTASromovcdhisGunShoptothcNownlockonlIuJ.ton street, eouth of the Court House, outhesecond floor, wherehe a propred to furuish Guns, Pistols, Ammunition Flasks, Pouihcs Game Bags, and Everj other artielo in Lis Line. On the mostrensonnbletiTms.nndto do oll kinds o REPAIRIWG on the horteitnoticc,andinthe best mannci, II aaiDrtmjut alwaycijipt 'ju hond, oud mudo to or


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