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Our National Ensign

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[Tlie following stanz;B, saya tlie Buiïalo Expnss, are sent by a friemí v. ho claims that they at e worthyto bc ranked with Key's "Star SpaDglèd Bamier," Dr&ke's "Araeriean ï'lag," or the "Hohenlinden" eCOampbsll. - They wcre wrifcton by .1 young lady of Washington City, a ttw years ago:] Flag of tlic planet's gerns I Whofc sapphire oiroled diadems Stud every p,e, and sliore, and fky - Oh ! oan thy ohildren gare Upon th'y silver blaze, Nor kiridie at tlic rays, Wliiol) led the brave of olrï lo die? Ilion liamior, beautiful and grand, Float thou forevor o'er our land. Flng of tlio stripca of firc! Long as the bard liia lofty lyrc Can strike, thou si.ali inspire my s'iig - We'U sipg theo round the hearth , WuJll smg thee on strange earth, We'll öing th?e "W'lien we forth To battle go wit'.i elarrion tongue ! Flag of the Vee, and lirnrs in lilood, For aye be thou the biest of God 1 Fl.".g of the bird of Jove ! Who left li ís home, the clor.ds above, To point the hero's Hghtning path - Around thee wH we stand Witli glittering sword in hand, And swear to gaard the land "VVhicli quelbed the Iiiitish lion's wratli ; Flag of the 'ft' thouuüfurled, Till the last trump arouse the world ! Flag of two ocean ahores I Who80 everlasting thunder roars From deep lo deep, in storm and foain - Though with the sun's red set Tliou sink'st to slumber, yet With Uim in glory great Thou riee, and shall sliare liis tomb. Thou banner, beautifQl and grand, Float thou forever o'er our land !


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