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The Feast Of Doughnuts

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The ladies of Augusta, Mc, onc day last wook distributod over fif'ty bushels of douglinuts to tlio ïhird Voluuteer Regiment of' Ma'inc. A prooeasion of ladios headod by music, passing betweon doublo linea of troops, who presented arma, and wero afterwards drawn up iu hollow fquaro to reocivo tlio wolcomc doughnatiotw. Nevcr before was secn suoh an aggregation of douglinuts sinco the world began. ïhe circumambieiit air was rcdolent of douglmuts. Kvery breezc sighed dougbnuts - everybody talked of doughnuts. Tho display of douglinuts boggared deseription. Thoro was the 1110lassoK doughnut and tho sugar doughnut - tho long doughuut and tho short doughnut - tlM sonnd doughnut and the sqiütrc doughnut - the rectangular doughnut aud the triangular doughnut - the twisS ed doughnut aud the douljle-twisted doflghirat - tho 'light riz' doughuut and the liard-kneaded doughnut - the straight solid doup-hnut and the uircular douglniut, e in the entre. There wure do.ughnut3 of all imaginable kinds, qualities shapes, and diinensions. It was emphaticully a feast ot dougUnutt', if not a tlow of su ■'.!:-


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