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Letter Of Jefferson Davis To The Maryland Commissioners

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Montgomery, Alabama, May 25. Gentlemen - I reocivcd with sincero plensure tlie assuranoo that tlio State of Maryland sympatliizes with the pcople of the Confedérate States in thcir determiiied vindication of tlio right of selfgovernment, and that the pcople of Maryland aro enlistcd with thoir whole hcarta on the sido of reconciliation and peaeo. The peoplc of tliego Confedérate States, notwithstanding their separa tion from tlieir late sister States, have not ceased to foei deep solieitudo in her welfare, and to hope that at no very distant day that State, whose people, habits and institutions are so closely related and ns.shuilated with thcira, will seok to unite her fitte and fortunes with those of this confederacy. The government of the Confedérate States receiveswith respect the sugr-estion of tho State of Maryland, that thcre should be a ecssation of the hostilities now impendiiig untll the meeting of Congress in July uext, in order' tliat said body may, if possible, nrrange ior the uljustincnt of tho existing troublcs by means of negotiation rathor than the sword. ]5ut it is at a loss to reply without a repeíition of tlio languago it has used on ovcry possible occasion that has presented itself sincc tho establishment of its independence. In defcrence to tho State of Marylnnd, Lo wever, it again asserts in the mot emphatie terins that its sincero and earnest desire is for peace ; that whilst tho government would rcadily entertain any proposition from tho government of the United States tending to a peaceful solution of tho present diifieulties, the reeent attempts of this government to enter hit1 negotiations with that of tho United States worc at tended with results wbieh forbid auy renewal cf proposals to that government. If any further aasuraneo of tlio desiro of this governmeDt for peace were noecspary, it would be sufficient to observe that, boing formod of a confederaron of sovereign States, cach acting and dcidiug for itself, tho right of cvery othcr sovoreign State to assumo self-action and self-govcMimont is necossarily aeknowledged. Ilonoe, connuosts of' othcr States are wholly inconsistent with the fundamental principies, and subversivo of the very organization of this góvernment. - lts policy cannot but be peaeo-- peaco with all natious and peoples. Verv respoctfullv, To Mi'--;v. McKefg , YelMt and Harding, Coóiinlftoe of thu MuryUi;.'. ], -J. lattiXO.


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