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A War Vessel Taking In Powder

A War Vessel Taking In Powder image
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lho ünlorado has thu red iiag at her mufithead to-d;iy, indieating tliat shc is tuking bér powefér on board. All tires and ligbtd are put out in the snip at ihis linie, and :ill hands must have a cold dinuer. Nothlng enn be coukcd, even for the officera. The custom gLeraüy is to ío! enongh tho day before, the mugazine is opened, The Uolörado will tako about fifty tbousand 'pounds oí powder. It is placed in cf-pper tanks, and eacli tank. Fias ii'oin onu Iiundréd tnd liity to two hundred pounds in it, all made up in, eartridgea. Kuch tank n marktd with. thé ;sJ of the gun catridges. Kaoki gun has tlii'cü or íoúr dilturent sizcd. cutridgefi, the largest being íbr tbefím charge. Au tha gun gets wurm a smaller si.e ia used, and so on down to the smallost. Naar tha entronco to tho mnguzioo is vvhai u callud tho üghtliuusi,'. A larga lanteru is hero nf rangud, with a buli's eye, whioh thrfnr a light into the mag;i,:ne. Whi:o tho ponder is being carned in, a man is here stationed with n boeket o? water prepared to use it in case anything sbould happen to the Fuiiteru. 'l'he utmost ca: e s ust-d to prevent accident. The OHttridgefl for canr.on nre not rr.ade, as some süppose, at the arsenut. but in or about the navy-yard. Tho shell ior the Colorado vas put on ' oard yesterday.


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