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The tono of Lhe London Times of June 3, iudicaïes the changa of Kngliali opinión with reference te the Southern l-.cpublic in this country. W'lule that jouj nal attunipts to excuse tho unfortuuato exprcssioii3 of Lord John lïussell on the subject of belligerenta, and to vindioato the policy of iiritish neutrality, it haa progressieü su far in the right direotiun :a to s;iy : " VVe are among those wlio think tliafc the Americans of the North have no reason to dcspoi;d as to the future because cci'taiu connuunities of shifeowners, Ui ; tering from thein in interosts, hubits, atidi temper, have resolved to wittïdraw froni, politicul fellowship witli tliom. The illjudged sissertión of a yomig ïuember of Farliamont, tbat.'tbo llepubl.can bubblo had burst,' g tve an opportuaity for Lord John ivu.sseli to expresa what we f'cl suro is the real leclingof Englislinieu on what is passing in the New World. We cannot exult in the humiliation of America, uot ouly because it would bo no sulject of exulta tion, but because we do cot bclievo there ie ar; ; humlliation. Thatv v.'.iatcrer may be the rcsult of tb is warr tlie people of the Nortlicrn States met remara amocg the mot powerful and wealthy in thu World is suffieiently plaiu to everj' One who considera tho truc causo of r.aüonal greatness. W'liethcr Southern Senators and Representativos be pent to Washington or uot, New ï'ork nnist be the metropolis of the contineut; Chicago must be the Quocn of the Lakes ; ( the tido of Europoan immigntion must make the Northern States imlividually far luorü importiiBc c-C4U'aninities thau tho Souiïiern."


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