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A Proposition To Compromise

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Washington, i"Yk!;i_V, Tuno 21. T aro en;ibVl t-day to give yon íé'iiiovíiHt in detail tlio f:i et s cnnccriimj; i ..■ ;f tliu most rcmntk!ibl0 : inl yet n'.íS'ít nntunil events ol Itie niro. 1 do i t si.i)tl fhcm unudtMÚüly, butonly iiftór tnaluro '!:l!üi i ;i t iv ti . The sourco o! 11, y i)liinn:ition cnnnot hi mude [iii'jlie; t is irv:iU-ty for.the s;ilifaci f (o edittira oí thuj Worltl ; but iic ueoplc inay iv-t assnröd tht,írfA í.t ,-( ■ r.ontn -ii,-;r o tltís díapatch. [ know wfll lliat tho rendera of i!:o U'.7,(' will buliuvo that ihe robéis :ivo Ín .hioncd, mil iliut ihéy ure most nnxi; us lo ni;ike tfi'ir.S iili the p;ii-e:it jm:yíi.i:ent, :m-l í am fuÜy prepnred f..r tlieir ;.s:cnih!!iciit lien lliey reüd i.liat lli.fl i' i'vmiifssionc's are m Vask "■r( " ■' 'l f'ocir.s lluil J'-tT D;ivi.--, litiving bei': t; thoroúfcjily liighleiieil, lias, m a Mjuii-i IVioi;.l iiia;u:er, ?í7c overtures to cur (Jiiicrnmin'. Wheh his Commisficiiirs itraclied i lio capital, they weró dtsirtd U) Ftüttí l-;il', n:J to tcl! wliiit ihcy vished. They aubinilted two proDositious : First'. Tliat tho Uujied Slates ' cciiditionnlly rccognizo the existenee of the goiühun Cniifvtieraey, and that. tl. lultèfle ' póiiüHte'U, fr ii term of om-, iv.u or lime yo::r., to carry vn tlii'ir :is :m experiment.- That the espeliscá of the war, tbllS tui' ir.ciiTed, be equitably urranged betwien the two saotioni, nnd that eácb io its best fcr tl ö maintenanoe of frier.d'y fee!' g nncLintarftounw bei ween tl. e tw" p-) les. And that i f, at thü oxpiration of the t:n;e ngreed upon. H found that enerprie enffnol siicceed, n commiiisvn ')L' nITtn'te.' t0 r-l(:un' (stn:ct a unión. Tlitè prnpositiírti was porptnptovily rejected, whbreupon thej' tnodeslly put f HU anotlior, ris Mlows: '8conJ. The gontli wil! lio content ïf the govi'inti.ent wil! pledge itself to p-Rjf, aitlie cominp; sesteion ófOingres, ;.n irrenoalablu (.-oustiuitional provisión, rêcógitfóing and legüliziiig frevor lbo institntion of slavcry beïow Thirty-s-is Tli'.rty, which islhu S!).u'hj.Th bcur.c'.ary lino 'of the State of Missouri. This none, the provisionr.l governmerrt pk-dges vtaelf inatantly to abandon the war, m;d lp r;CStablish pcace :.nil the must cordial re!atu)aWp, so f ar as íts p-jetky) i concciuiMl ; to re direct the -oi:r.-o of' tra de iotv) ts necustomed channels, aixl ia every way restore the happy days of our foreiathers. Aa to the receptioa vvhich t!;is propopiüon recyived, niv informant was positivc, tliough from another sourco I iathcr 8 doubt. Ilo sta'es, ülso, that ie was peremptorily rvjectod. It =eeir.ed to the party of the eeuoad j)art a mere iniensifioation ot tfie CriiI enden ainendment, and not ynrying proatly from the Adams proposition.'- - Othors sav that the cceptance of this propo?ition would not be unac.eeptable o the Seeretary of S:ale, and, therofore, will n.eêt wilh favor frora the President. Bel ween the two 1 cannot decide. Mr. Davis says that 'nis (rom Ilarper'tí Ferry" was a Btroke of pcaoéful pohey. He had troops enougi to withstand any foree wliiehien. Soott was preparod lo brjng aga-ust bim, and it was not beCauso hs feared the resuit of an engagement at that time, hut beeause he knew that he l:d do foree wilh which to meet what might subseqiiently be sent against him. - The secession governmont now r upon il hope - that ho e onco SWal lowed up in a díL8lrous defeat üpori the baltla-ñeld would prove the destiuction of what it now snstaiiiS. Ho is honsible of the tact, thatii oneo defeated, lliere would rise such a tide oí popular iiidignatiou against him and hh oc-woikers that they cbuld in no way withstand, and ignoininioub ilight or igliQiuioLoQs death would be the lot of one and all. The 11 otlá tlilia referí? to the statemonts ut ita correspondent, in its editorial columns : 'The very remarkublo statements coinmunieatod by ono of our Washington correspondent, are obtained by liini from sourcea which, though nt official, ure entitled to great rospect - If tho ertraordinnrj and unexpécted niture ct the announeementá aro calcu]ated to produce incredulity, tho charncter and posiüon oi hia informints, on the other hand, arc such as to inakc it certahi that they havo the fullebt cóafidenco in tliu tru'h of Ibeir re ports; whilotbeir reputation for judgiiiüd'. atid bagacity 8 oot easily reconcilable with ihe hypoibesia that they have boen prncticed upon. Wo havo. noJoubt whaièver that if etusb propóitions as our corrfl8po.n.dnt dosoribes liave been inado by tho aulhority of Jtiiï D-ivis, tho gövernmcnt prompt ly rejspted ihem wiibont requiring any linie for deliberation." A Union Movsmeat in North Carolina efr;il Wnpatcli lu l ie New York WorMi Washington, June 20, 18C1 Col. C. II. Foster is aononnoed as an iUKjondilioDtil Union candidato for Oongress in tho First Congreesion&l lirtrict of North Carolina. Jlaving made his appointmentt, he will soon take tiio 8-UBnp and prosecute a vigoróos eunvass. Ho his recently arrived here irorn North Carolina, whero he bclJly appeared aud defended ths ;ouiáe ot tha Federal Administralion in strong Union epeoches, made at laige public meetinga which wero got np by dÏ8up:.oflisi8, for tho expreespur j oso of denouncing Mr. lioater, and, if possible, driving him out oí the State. At all of these meölinga Mr. Foster appearod in pei.son.and met the truitor.s iaco to iaco, and told theiu to tbeir teeth what thoy raight espeot if they continued in thia unholy rebelhon ao-ainst tho Union. Mr Foster is a rrTan of iron will and undauated courage, oí brilliant talent, with a very elf.,.-.tivo and Hnibod style of oratory. Ho was tunoog the ab!est supporters oí JJrockinridge ui the last euuipaign, and was also the iirst to take the btump for the Union at the opening of ihis great rebelüon. He anya that ii a íew iPoáerul regimonts wero stationed in North Carolina, one in each Congressional district, co protect the Union men, there would ba a f uil delegaüon of uneondi tional Union niombers elec.ted to ConS4M from that fitate on the iirst Tlmrsday oí August m:xt. He says that a brigade of loyal North Uarolinans niight be easily raiaed to co opérate with tho PLiera]foroeginptt6tingdown tho trcafnablo usnrpatioQ of Gov. Ellis and others in hiu Slate.


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