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Another Chance At The Rebels

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liicrc :irc many persons in thlsCJounty wbo wül rajoice to bc inforined that Lieut. Col. ConstOOK, of the Michigan First, arrived n town yesterday to opon a reeruiting office in order to fill up the ranks of that Regiment for three yeara. Col. Fouxtain was witli hiiii, and t is underntood that. Ann Arbor will be made the depot for all the troops- somc sevenhundred - wbich are wafated for the purpose. At the time of writiug '.liis, arraiigeuients liad not been eompleted for quartcring the recruitSj but wc presume the Pair Orounds will bo obtained aud oecupied by them. lit. Col. C9348TOOK is lookiug yc11 aiid feeling wol!. LSf xv'll I-'0 seen hy reli-rcncc to an extract Irorn a reoent speech of hi', - see anóther column - that Joii.v J. OuiiXENDKN is still lor ' coMipi'ornise," and muy be clrtsscd as " a Union man opposerl to " coerción," and in favor of g-'iii! vlicK! Reñtücky goés." John Letuher, and sumlry " Untan n!i:ii"jí1 Virgitiia p!;iyed that gamo and lost, and wo rogret to see Ciütiexbkn sta';iníí h:s reputution on t. 'J'hero is no ludí way ftr it, he iT.ust bo either fur lbo Uaion or agairft c, and ivc had Imptd to see him come squarely up to the wolk like noble Axnv Johnson', f of Tennes-ec. EF Wm IÍ. Eussbll, the correspondent of the London Times wbose letters havo so kuided the South, has inived at C:iiro on his way North. He cburgea that his correspoudonee has been tampered with ; some of hïè letters having been opened and altered, and others detained. We don't helieve any sueh statement, and it is only made in gain for hira a more oordial greeting n the West ar.d No.'lh.


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