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Bi. jjuius, j une zu. Gentlemen who cainu down tho Pacific railroad to-night, report that Gen. Lyou lelt Bóuville to-day with his oommand, and Col. Bates, of the lowa regiment, íor Sprihgfield, wbich w'rH forra ajuncuon with me Kansas troopa Major Ölüfgis and Golonel cigel's cominand l'ioiii lluro. Mr. Fhelps, wife and son of John S. Phelps, anived liere last night irura Bpringfiöld, wbioh he left Thursday. Ho reporta all quiet thore, and tliat iho eecesáiODists havé all left. He does nat credit the threatened invasión from Arkaksas, and thmks tho federal troops will find uo eneraies to üglu in the Southern border. Sy raen se, Mo, June 26. A gentleman arrived to-day lrotn the Bouth aay8 he met Govtnor Jackson, with M. M. Parsons, and sume 1,2UU troope ut Pomme Tune J3' dgo, 11 unies south of 'Waraaw, on Sunday nvornjqg, at ten o'clouk itioving Southwan. íhey had tour cannon and about twenty-five baggage wagons some of whieh were stago coaches. He report that Charles Babcock. late agent of tlie Üverland mail company at Wareaw, joined Jaukson's torce there, and furnisbed liiinten tull teams belonging to the Mail company. A good many horses were drowhed in crossing the usage. Hagerstown, Md., Juue 26. Intelligenco reccived to-day indioafcea that Gov. Wise luis diverged from the liueof attack on MoClelíán's column, and has gone with 4,000 men to repol an expedition said to havo gone up the Kanawha. The secession force at liomney does no t exeeed 1J500 men. Col. Jacksoi) is opposite Williamsport with goren rebel rogimenta. It i statcd that 4.000 Virginia troops are en. cainped near the Valling Waters, fivc milos from Willmnisnort. An expresa bus arrivcd from Bunker' g ïlill, sayingthat 8,000 Virginia troops were lying there and at Martinsburg and olong tin; Potoinac, betiveen ck and üarper's Ferry. A strong battery is biiing taised upon Wooded Uil], overlooking the lair groundat Wincbester. Washington, June 26. Tlie Administratimi and Gov. Pierpoint, of Virginia, had au official iaterviow to-tlay. Tlie aggrcgato nuniber of troops arrived bon; i.s 56,000 including 500 regulars and 6Q0 marinea. 8ix rogiiuents udditionai are now duo. Williamsport, Judc26. Forty Confedérate cavalry crossed tbo Potomac this moruing after the withdrawal of tbc troops. At Shaffer's Ferry thcy destroycd the ferry boat and then re-croaaöd. The Federal cavalry pursuod thcm unsuceessfully.


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