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TLew Adyertise mente. THE WASHTEtfAW COÜNTY -Agricultura! Fair, WILT. BE HELD ON" Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, The 13fi, 19tó, and 20 th of September. KTotico LL PERSONS tadeb'.ed t the ondenigned are re . (pi'sto'l to cali and pay,as lam closingupniy busimeós to move essti WM.S. SAUXDKRB. Ano Arbor, June 2S, 1801. 8004 BE NT O.N HOUS E, Williain Hiiiman, Proprietor. Ï: -BLNTÜ?i HOUSE11 hu recently been refur' In Uie r.M-t BUbstantbtl maim.T, and the Lhat be is prèpared to met the w ants of -thoso vwtiu-? tlie Capital who desire the comfort (: flral class Hot 1. T:e building te of briok ; rooms large and airy, and in t Ik most pleasaot part of the City. Laiisiug, June L0, 1801. S0Gw4 PATENTED November lst,1859. ,p. THE MEASURES V"v., Sv - A, the distanco -""""b v%$L roun'J tlle Neck' Nrn B o B tho Voke. JÚ ..:.-ïs3f c to C the ïleove. f )p" i ■'] D t D distanca ij around tho Body I wH _,'_ m M tïie Arm-pit. Ijl ''T' B E t0 E' the BALLOU'S Patenlci! linprovsd Freucfa Yokc SHIRTS. PATENTED NOV. lst, 1859 A New Style of S irt, warranted to Fit By sea liog the aboTe mensures jior mail we canguar anteeaperfect fitof our uew stjrlo of ?liirt, and return by expresa to anj part nf th; UciteJ States, at $12, $'5,SlP. $24, kc, &c.,por dozun. No order for.varded forlMBthan bflif-a-dozm Shirts. ■ Dealen in MEN'S FURNISHIKG (ÍQ0D5. S Whotesalfl trade Rupplied on the usual terms. BALLOU BKOTHEKS, SQïif 40J Broadwaj, New York. Proposals for Roofing Jail. SEALFD tropoaala ïll bè recelred nt tho Coaniy Clerk'fi Office utxtil and iocïudlng SIondartbe first day of July, liïfil. for rooflner the county jaïl according to the foUiiCving specifica tinns: Taking otf old shinglea, removinar n.".d replffdog Hcrhtniog roda and eve troughs, rc-nniling rooi bn.u'i, r.nrl putting on new roof of best A No. 1 Bawed pine shtngtea, 18 incheslonGT, half aninch thick at bïitt, an-1 npt moro than 5 inches to thftweath; putting on new rióge bcards 1 inch thich anfl 7 inches wide ; the arae to be painted wil! coats of rooiI bxowo pnint, and to leottrt t!ie chimnoy aalnsi fb poasibUtty of léakTnu bjtinnDf. The wholo tn be dfloo in ; Kood vorkmanllfce inanner, and oomple tri ïrithio 30 day a fróm -ïiiiu#? of contract The whole tobe subject to iospectlOD by a committee appointed for purpftso ; said proposals to lo opened at 10 1 M .July 2d( 1ö61,atthe Clerk's Office. The right fs nelterVod to accept or refute any or all proposals. Üood securitv wïll b' ve! üirr1". ÍTJ. HAUUY, Co.Cler'K of Washtenaw Co. June 19, 1861. Important to Ladïes. Dr. JOHN HAKVKY, haring for upwaris of twcrtty vi;i;s tU-v '■ -"-'i time fxclueively (o tí).e ii it JTeixiivlo Xi'fïi.O'U.ltis, an'l haring oí a-n ui it-'.-iidr.nx the afflictftit1 ealth, haa Dow catire cooQdencc in offcring publicij ' GRBAT AMERXCAN REMBDY," CHRONO-THERiVlAL FEMALE PILLS. W] ii bav never yei faikl fwfaftn ihe dircctions have been atric'ly followed,) in removing ■ iltieearlsiog Obstruction, or Stoppage of Nature, or Ja re&toripK tlw ayutemto perfoct healtb, wben sufferiug frcim SP1HAI ATTECTIOSS, PeolaPSOs L'teki, thk. Wamt ot other wonknese of the üwia Oboax. AIío n all cases of Debuut or Neuv.ius 1'rostratios, HïsTFaic? PiiïftATiowa, &■.. ---c whlch nrotho toreruDner tra, Thuc PMs are pcrftctlt ha'7nlcss on the amUitution, and mty be taken by the mnst dc'ïc&'.r. fcmdlc without causing dis'rets; ut th kiim ., i . i:; : a ",iarm ly strenifthening, nvigdratinff. and rest'fln the Bystejp to a healtbr conililion, anI by bringing on the monthly period with reguiarity, no mitter from what cause tlieoostructious ni:iy arise. ïlvv shoOtd, however, noi be taken durin the first ■ pngbNBey, ihougli safe at any other tii: rlaffe wouM be the resutt, Each bos enniaina CO Pilis Prioe Ono Di-llar, anA wheu a'osireil wili be ent by mail prepald by any advor. tlse I AïciU, on ;ece)pt "f the mooey n Ann Arbor. " J BKVAN, Kochester, X. Y., General Agent. H k L. S1MUNEAU, Detroit, Wholesale Agent for Michigan. S08tf . New Medical Discovery. For the sppO'ly voA permanent cure of öonnorhea, Gleet, Urethal Discharges, Grnvil, Stfietol, nlltl Affectious of the Kidney and Bladder, wUlch hos been nad b} npwárda of ONE H0NDRED PHYSIC1ANS, In their nrirote ] '■' entire sdcooss, ojcruba, CAfáUifiS, or any compouud hitlicr t0BEiiLr'S SPEC1FÏC PILLS, are spoedy in nc:on , often eITeeting a curo in a few days, and when a cure ís effected it ia peimancrt. They ara prepare'! Froi ■ Lracts that arv hannlesii on the syHtem, and hover nauneate the stomach or impregnate the bmOktb ; and teinir su(car-coatd, all aasMufi ,o chañar of din " necesirtry tckilst using thc.r,: iuU'vföN: with bUfltness pursmts. Eacb b síx dozen I'ills. 'd PR1CE ONE DOILAIï, an.WUl beaont by (111 poM-paid by any aiWeitised. Agent, on reoftipt of lbo money. SpW oy i-'ruggiita in Ann Arbor Noaegcnuine without my eignature oa tho wrappéL J. BRYAK, Rochcter, iï. Y., General Agent. H & I. FIX10K5VU, Dïtrdk "bo!osi!í Ag:s fm Mfehlgin, Bomf


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