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Great Riot At Milwaukee

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Milwaukee, Jone 24. A feeling agaiost banks, which lias been growing for some days, culmina - ted this raoruing in an attack on them by a niob. Mftchell's Bank was first attacked, and all tbo furnituro destroved. Mi'. Mitchell, with severa, lerks, was in the building at the timel one of whorn was taken out ifisenaible, Second Dspatch. Mihvaukce, June 2i, The riotto day caused a greater loss of property than was at first supposed. The attack has been ascertained to have been a regutarly organized thing. - Throughout yesterday meetings were held in ihe upper wards of the city. - About ten o'olock this forenoon the rioters marehed from the Sixth and Nimh Wards through East Water st. to Mitchell's Bank, attacking it with stones and bricke, and son riddied the windows completely. The elerks barríciidod the doere in order to gain time and secure the valuables, which thev did in ii graat measnre. The mob then breke down the doors, and soon Ktnpped tho room of everytliing, throwing turniüire and books into the street. The State Bank, on the opposite cor ner, and J. B. Martin's office, were theti attacked and eerved in a liko manner. The Bank of Milwaukee was also 6toned ; there was but liüle dam age done. Alles & AIcGregor's real estáte office was completely gutted, and books valued at $6,000 destroyed. The Juneau Bank was also the object of their wrath, but t.hey contented themselves with merely b'reaking the jfindowa. The Mayor and polico were prompt ]y on the ground, but were utterly powerless. One company of forty men, the Montgomery (iuards, was ordered out, but declined to do anything for faar they would bo overpowered. The Zoiiaves were then ordered out, and chnrged on tbe mob, whioh immediately broke and run. The stroets ware 6OOQ cleared, and guards stationed at tho corners, and a squad at each bank. About fifty rioters were arrested and confinad in jail under a strong guurd of Zouaves and Home Gu:ird.s. This evening the mob is in force in the Second and Sixth Wards, wbereinflaramatory speeches aro beíng made I)eyiiV0ortll'""n='lth1x-aten.o attack the ja.l to-uight unless their cot,pamons are released. TheGoverricrhus declared martial law and telegraphed to R:lcir)u and Madison for State troopa which wiíl ar r.vo to-night. Thus lar, thoro have been ascertained the iollowing injuied : A!. Mitoheli, slightly ; O. H. Lar iift-fr, Pnying Te}K?r of Blitobir Bank, badly brniseJ ; Judgo Starkwenther, traroplëd on, badly hurt; Mr. Haydon, book-keeper of the State Bank, oonèMefabiy hurt One rioter was badly out on the shotilder ; anotlicr had hund out off, and one wouiuk-l ín the leg by thu thrust of a bayonet. Tho riot was causcd by the action oí the biiDkors on Saturday n thrówing out the ciréulatiog notes of a large number of hanka of ibi.s State.


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