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Gen. Mcclellan And Gov. Magoffin

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Gen. McCleliao sent the following dispatch to Gov. Magoffiin, of Kentucky: Cincinnati, June 11, 1861. To Gov. B. Magojjin. .-I havo reeeived iaformatioa that Tennessee troopa are under :inns to occupy Island No. 1, táx miles below Cairo. ín aceordunce wílh my understanding witii Gen. Buckner, I cali upon yon to prevent this step Do yon regare the islandü a ihe Mississippi river, above the Tennessee line, as withia yoar jurisdiotion ? Aikí if so, what ones? Eespectíully. G. B. McClblian, Adjutant Gen., ü S A. A Frankfort letter to the Louisville Journal, dated the, says : I understand that it is the Governor's intcntion to rnake the Tennessee fcroops veoede from the island, if they have taken such a position. The Cirxinnati Enquirer oí Saturday says : A rep'y was received from Gov. Magollin by Gen. McCiellan yesterday in answer to thy telegram sent by the General a day or two since. It ia onderstond that the reply as favorable to the government. The Tennefseeans will not be permitted to occupy island No. 1, whieh is cluiíned to be within ihe jurisdiction oí Kentucky.


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