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Another Version Of The Battle At Boonville

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The engagement at Boonville last Monday, doos not deserve the name of a battle. The accounts show that, ufter all, it was a very ímall aflair - too trivial to arouse the iaterest and sxcitement which the first grotesquu -eports of it produced. It was merely i running fight kept up for several miles, without any regular order, and without any of the tacticnl manceuvers, charges and repulses, which eonstitute a real engagement. Tho total loss instead ol being several hundred, as at first stuted, was nnly sis killed aml fifteen wounded ol thu Federal troops. The State troops, disorgunized, ill-armed, and discontenttsd by the wavering counsel ol tho Gvéraor, and tho resignation of Gen Prioe, began to retreát as soon as the Federal troops carne in sight, thereby depriving the Jatter of an opportunity for a general engagement. Nevertheless, the nffstir, thoagfa attended with little bloodshed, ia not without substantial fruita to the Federal troops. It givcs tberu completo possossion of the important city of Boonville with its vuluablo road connections with the 8outhwest,id aflords to thein military occupation of tho entire line of'


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