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Slimmer Hill Nursery. THEODORE K. DuBOIS, È pUOPKIETOR OF TUE SUAIMER HTLT, HÜR8ERY, ANN L Arbor, Mich.,is n w rcady to receivu orders lor Fall and Spring Netting:, Hta orders for Fruit nul Ornamental '!■, Vlnst, Sl,, ;lii-ubs,eic., will bo lilu-'l from bost Kas torn Nurseries, con: tin', Impersonal attuitnn will be given to tiie selcctiun nru nul QUiDgthesame. Havlog been regularly educatcl in he Nursury business, be ie coni'ulent that wlth prompt BR nul close attention, and strict honesty and nfegrity,he rlll be ii blo to give satisfaction tu vvory one coniiding rnr beirordeA to bim. All fiiL-iiii'L-.s orFruli growcn will do veil togira liima iallbcforeordering throughother prtfs. iïfl He woald refer toimmy eitizpns of the City and Coanty ivlio piifchasciï oi hini tin; past Spring tor the quaïitjöf mr :reea bruugbt on by hiir., as wcllas foi tb o good urler iu irbich Uu-v wore reoelrud and del.vered. 804m3 __ : . be Hnngsterfev's lilock. ' DEA lT$c C O.,B INVITE iiUtiit-üu to tbeir ntiw htück comiuisiDg ail TI kinds of CrocKery, Glassware, Lamps, Gas Fixtures i BI indHoasc-furmshinjgoodíiall of wh:ch thoy are otlci XI V At the Lowest PossibU Eates. BI Freneh China Tea sets from $5 00 to 20 00 T, Fruncli Chini rtinner se!s irom 25 U0 to 70 00 lt Síone china Tea Mta frrm a 50 to 5 00 Sttuie china tlinncr ötts from S 50 to 20 00 31 Glasa Kerrtswii i.;iiiipri complote from 37 to 62 !L Marble Keroseoe Luaps complete from L0 to 10 00 -,, Fluid Lamps from 18 to 62i l ' Iamps of all kinds altered and repaircd. Dissolutiou T1 THE CO PAl'.TXKÜ.-llIl horetofow existin;; liulween . the uudürsigned, under the ürm name ant Btyie of gi atclieldcr & Kisck. i tlus d:iy Alssolvett by mutual conent. All demanda in favor of and against said ürm will eaettled by D. C.Batoheldcr at the okl stand. T] JOHN EISELE, i_ D. C KAICaELDKR. Dated, Ann Artor.'May 20, 1861. 801v6 , ""D. L. W00D & CO, g M HAVE JUST OPEXKD A Ia an LARGE & WELL SELECTE D S' E STOCK OF Seasonable Goods, D For the SPRING A SUMMER Trade of 1861 3aving pureliased tbeir stock at rauoh less F than the usual prices.they are prepared ko offer F GREAT INDUCEMÉNT3 ar To Cash & Ready Pay Buyers, ir Thankful for past favors thcy -11 be ever fo W ready lo show their Goocls and y fair and jL pe el liberal dealing'hope to receive their full slmre of the public pati'onnge. tii po West ei ie of public Ann Arboj April 1861. The Syracuse first Premium ] BUCKEYE IWOWER vritb a SUCOESSFÜL BEiHNG ATTACIIMENT. r The Best made in the World ! Manufactured by Lathrop & McNaughton, JACKSON, MICH. ( FOR SALE BY , Risdon & Hertderson, (804w6) ANN ARBOE, MICH XJL UEiiV.1). A. DE FOR EST5 Always aheadin Low Prïces. HAVINli REMOVED MY STOUK tn tbp Fnst Ido of Main ütreet, one door north of Gultermaii'i. I am nnw ruCftiving N'w (inods, comprising all kinds of Grocries, Fruitö, Kxiracts, Glassware, Lfimps, Looking Glasges TabteCuttery, Silvcr-plated Gooils, &c, JLOVVER 1 HAN EVER ! Freni-h China TeaSet, from $4 50 to 18 00 Freneh China Dinner bets. from 20 CO to 30 00 Stone China Tea Sets, from 3 00 to 4 50 Ptono China Diuner Set, from ö 50 to 16 50 Keautiful Glass Goblcts, 2 00 pr dozen lilass Ki-roseue Lamps from 37 to I'O tfaible Kerosene Lamps from 75 to 3 00 Fluid Lamps from 1 to 50 Kerosene Oil, good qnality, Sücpergullon All other Goods at Correspondipg prices. ffB Laiupfí of all kindt; alteredand icpaired. Peoplos Store, ÏMtf A.DeKOREST. TROTTING STALLIONS. ATTENTION JkST BREEDERS. YOUNG HENRY CLAY, and YOUNG BLACK HAWK. Young' Henry Clay WAS raised hy Inaai'. Phillips, of Ontario Co., N. Y. His color is acoal black, 16 hands high, Walglia 1150 lbf., and nevev was trained, and can trot in 3 minutes, and will be shown in h:iriH'ss to any ono wishing, nnd ag a horse forall work caunot be BurpaBsed, as th tCJÜmonials he received last íail sb"V; ue reccived a premium ut the Catión".1, llore Show at Kalamazoo, corpeting ith twt'lve hor„eo irom .different Ptutep, also at tho : ',nto Michigan Ptatc Agricultura] Fair, held In Dstroit, compotinpr with 'M liorse, he alM ri-coiverl the lat premiuui at ihc hut Wftthieaav Co, Agricultural ocicty. Young Black llawk. Ib a mahogany bay color, 16 bands bigli, and veigh6 1 150 lbs. , and for action and lastiog quahty cacnol he BurDMMdfor ooe never handled nioie. His get shows u-ellas they eau be se-en in anl around Ana Arbor, as he lias proved himself a sure foil setter. Youug Black s Hawk wan raiwd hy Ebenczer Leggtt, of Stillwater, Saratogi Co., N. Y , fnni h-.b superior ciare Hambls, E ndfor furtber particulars of qualities and goodaeHs, 1 refer you to Jas. Newland, cf tbU city. Iheaboie borcs niay be eenatniy table en Friday irá ?at'jrd3" rf erjch veck. lan Atbor, Mytli, 1W1 !W3 BTROCBEI


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