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jjtfSWfcfcw Cure C'Jiighy Cc,ld Horsr.ncsx, - VtVvaTV r":" '"! Irritatiou or Sonaras ofifoc l-j rSJÉÉJirilK Thruat; Rtiltrc the Hark ng C"U#. - TyVfffnfin "■ Oni-umption, lironrhitis, AsthM í[j ] !L1U_LJ9 W'ö, örf Cn'.a.Th. Cl' ar and Mmm 35 #ivs tttfwtfth to the voicc of GfivOTX-F PUBLIC SPEAKEUs. HUÜM '! SlflïGBRA, Few ara amre of the hnportatu of eheckhw :i Congfi ■ "Coimuon l'oM" Ín its lirsl stage; tliat which in tiit igtnnlng would yiöM to 8 mild reinody, f segtocted. Mn attidts Hit; Lim;s. Brown'a EronchiftJ Truches,11 n)aining muicent Ingrediënt allay l'ulmofiary and iROWN'S "That trouble in my Tliroat, (for vrhïch the "Trufliffi" uro a specilic) having made KUCliÜft n. r. WÏJXI8. "I recommenrl theiruse to PüBtjcStkaKIKOWN'S t:I!i" REV E. H. CHAPDf. "Have pptvpil extrcinely sfrviccaljlc fcr ROCIIEb ;k ■. HENRY WAKI) SRECHER. A ! ; 1 1 r . -, t iminnt relief in n: dtstressiDg IROWN'S lubor otbriiathinir peculiar to AstiimjI." . KKV.A. C K'iCÏJ'XrOX. A KOOHJb uus," DR. A. A. HAVKS, Chemist, Bosten. iTíOWN'S "■ simplo and nleasant combination fur CouoHSt&c.'Dit. G. F. B1GEL0W. ROCHESi "BenoQcial in Bronchitis." DR. J. F.W. LANE, iROWN'S lïoston. CO! "I hart proved tham exoeUent for ROCHIS KEV.H, W. WABREN, Boston, co: ÏROWN'S "BppRrfal ivhon compelled to speuk, iufTci'iiig fi'um l'ulD.'1 l iiUurlb-& Lt. Louis. "KtTectual Tn remo ving and ïpivTC'c Irrita tinn of tLw TUvoat, so commoa with . l'rul . JI. STACY JOHN'SON", PRO CUES LaGrange.Gtt. Teacher of Music Southern iROWN'S F.inuk-Cuih-ge. lit attuwn o ir.rea.t benoflt when taken befurt and after preacliiiig, as they prevent HoarseTROCHES ness. Krom tlieir pastcffict, I think tlu-y ,i'Ul be of permanent ativan1:ige tome." ,RnWwC KKV.E. KOWI.KY, A M. m(JYVl . Pyssirtcntof Athpn('t.)U-t. Tcnn. p $„ SoW by nll DluggUt at TROCHES nviccESTa a nox.-e 7" MOORE & LOOMIS Hnvc Removed to the STORE RECENTLY OCCUPIED BY C. MAClf, Phainix Block.East side of Jlain St., AND fr HAVE V! In Store Wg& A Large m,l il1 I'lete t STOCK 0F BOOTS SHOES Of evcry deseiipüon which wül be soijS cheapbh TJIiliV CAN BE BOUGH7 JA' Th is City. aUo a large assortraent o HOME MANUFACTUEE, Of alJ kinds made in the mest a Fashionable Style EXPERIENCED W08KMEN, -oun3 FRENCfl CÁLF BOOTS l fcr KOT atJRPA8tm thls tlde of New Tork City, and are wairanted uut to Rir. Üur ?TOGAS AND KIPSs, re made of the best materials Our stock of ! Moroceo Bootees for is the 1he best Ín town, with heels or without We Malte to Ortler, an nevt-r mis of WTWiQ the ftrst timi so give usa cali and we will show you our stock free of charge We have scured the servicefi of Iwo Ex r perienced Journeymen, who do nurinen.lina; In tle IVeat [ est iUamier, and oo shortest notice. Óur motto is Qulck Sales and Small Frofits Timnkful'nr past fnvors W9 hopebypajingstrict jtioa to our business to merit a liberal filiare of your ■ patronap for the luture. Mi' Rcmcmberwe are not to be nnder&old. "0%. MOORE &. LOOMIS FORT SUiVIPTER EVACÜATED. ■i Mack & Schmid nüiisrpoBCED : with a j Tremendous Stock, OF ] BTAPLE AND F ANC Y DRY GOODS! CROCKERY, SHOES, HATS &c CAPS3 OARFSTS, &c., &c. Hoslililiis Comniiinced in curncsU Death to High Prices ! ! MACK & SCHUD are nov roceiving their SPRING AND SÜMMEIt 3rE O 3O 8 2 and wül teil them ior tho NEXT 90 DAYS, Much Cheaper Than has ever been heard of I3ST JlSTISr A.ÜBOÜCome One, Come Al!, and Lee. C.MAGK, 795 V, SCHMID. i i - NOTICE. ! LT. Tereoan indebtcd by neto or Rccount (o Uictui! , i Campicn are heiebT requested to cali and sotüe tho -ui.wi'ii J. I). IrUh. ons of the assinoes of the sail ' Miebael Caaipion,aad tieicbv si" - t . ■ Artot.Junc ' r"1, .1 TH


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