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Scott And The Veteran

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i. Ai. iAiI ; nfl ftiíl : ■ ■ to t. lio Vr T) ■ piuUnout cnino ; He Mmulii CliK-t Uu U-i! liim, on ínaiiy riel. I of f:im,- 'I (. " i , i ■ ■ t" Mío shoutcd "F( i-.varJ ! ' vliet : iiis liiinnvr rose, A:,.' , atáis id Uïuinpli bfliiiul tle fly S.; ". II. ' H-nv yon forgottcn, Ganersl," the bntterej ■ ■:■ ■:■■ , " Thé ilv "í ' ighlccn hundred, twclve, wlnn ) ís ai oui i'l -'. i I j i .- Jim lorgutMn Julinson, that fouglit irt. h'inJy.'s Lniii'í 'T.s tri1 l'in ol'J tt'id iciisioncil but I want lo liglít iigniu." ITT. 'H'vc I furjfotteii?" saiJ tha Chif; " uiy l.rn pin íoldiw, Nl '■ And licri-V the lind I g:vc you ihen, ni let ú t.'ll yiu so ; lír.t yin livo duna your ilisre, my fricml i r. i '.r.'i oíd mul ;ny Aiul w.'vi' ii' ' 1 if younger arme una iPMuer bloud tu d:iy " IV. " Bu', General ! criad tho vctornn, a ílusU y.yov. liis brow ; ■■ Tliu vcry men who fotiglit wilh us, tlioy I iv, :u-' i ritor ihiw ; TImj'vc torn tiietïiig óf Lundy's Lnc, our oíd roil, wlii 'f. and Ulut1, And while drop blood ii left, 111 shcw tliat drup is talo. V. 1 I'm r.i't. ío vrcaV bu I cnu Btrike.and I'vc KOt gooJ oUl Run, Tu gH thi: rango of Waitcrs' boarts and [r;ck i li'in ono by one, Your Minie rifiíí nnd such nruis it mu t worlh whil'; to try, I ciniMn't get the hiing o'them, but I'll keep my poWdot dry!" V!. "Goii llif=s you.comrftdel '-(lid tlie Ohief- "God llc8 your loyal honH ! But iunngcr men uro in tlie field, aml elaim " to have their purt, f 1'y'd plant our sucred báriúer ín each rcbellious town, And voe, henceforth, to any hnnd tluvt daros lo ull it down 1" VII. ' Rut, Oi'tK-ral!''- still períiating Ihe weopiug votormi cried; "I'm vo' enongh to fullow, so long 3 you Ve nij gaido; And Borne yoi know, must bite the lust, and t'inl. :it leaít cui I; So, g'we the youg ones place to figlit, but me a piuco to du! VIII. ' If Uuy shoiM ñro on Pickcns, ]let the üolonl in coumiond, Tut me upim the rnmjiart, wilh the ñng-sUÍT in niy lini'il; No O'.UU Bow hot the oanuon smokc, or how tho slu 11.-= r.i.iy tly, I'll hpld the Stnrs iiiui Stripes nloft, and hóld thciu till I die! IX. "I'm rendy, Qoneral, so you let post to rae be giren, Wliere Wmliingtoii can aee me, lis he looks from lngheat heaven. And eay to Putniira ftt biaside, or miybe, General Wayné; 'There stnnds oíd Billv Johnson that fought at Luudy's Laño !' " X. "And wlien the figiit is hottest, before the traitor's fly; Whon shell and ball are screeching, and bursting in the sky. Ií (hit shot should hit me, and lay me on my f'nce, My 8Jiil wo.ld go to Wushington's, and not lo Aruold'a place !" Jílicljijp jirps.


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