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GUEAÍBARGAlKSi Maynard, SteVcins & Wilson's. Wt. n.wK aoatx repi entsheb ocr store vm: Ihe nnj.-t ftplèlHMd SfuéR l E3 E :O S tli l I WAS rvr nlTpri-l hl Rny OHB --.!;ilK. 1:-.. ni Ir : : . ■■ . :li uv dirpr lur (MSN O [PKO1: slow as cnti bü fouml in Union We Wáitt ÏVTcney ! Grcut Sacriíices on Anytiiin wejuivc to obíriin it, not cxcepting OLD NOTES AND ACCOUNT Y cordiulty invito ALL CASH CüSTO.MEPvS to cali anl examine our Goods and Prlce. AVe alf uivtU' our ' Prompt Paying Customers to oomft ftnd boy Uiotr Bopplles fot (lio Winter. Totliow iiislilu! oiieAthat are Ekfratd Id ch[} ivc suy to tlii'in, tuk eourafte L333Xj!Xj Tour -WJL3LXÍ1j&.1! 'illuiut luugur waitii fior higUér prle 8, c me in, oíd scores, and tlu-n JBTÍ8 THU 33" C&JBE "BCJ9 it riuch pric&B as will ni ikf1 ni nll losses It is h;in"Jj QTj to enuraerfite our GoodB, foi We have Everything ! A -largo assortmont of CARPETING, CKObKERYJr DIÍY GOOUS, MEDIINÏS, GEOEEIES, PAINT3S, OILS, HAT", CAPS, BOOTS, S1IOES YANKEE NOTIONS fec, &c,, &c. (71510 SfAYHARD, STEBBINS & WIIÍ50 Stoves &. Hardware ! " ■ ' [ - i RISfíON & HENDERSoS llavt' dow in Stor(.a l-rgc assortiment oí cas; rEST1 5 "i&T" JH52 fflí Hardware and House Furnishing All viork will lie solii i.sCltKAr oaatany otlter Establishment in Michigíin, Tliey liOTOgotthe Best Assortment of ('ooking F A Ti LO E A N D VLA TE S?í rrn áf -7" "gy" L3 And vill solí them Chsaper than THE C II 1ÍAPLS T, Please oali and ace. All klnda of tin waro kept on IkukI. Ucbffricular a{pnlíoij pald lo ::ll kinds of Whicli Wil] bfl Jol v.llli NEATNE8S AND T)1SPTCI1. [oase callandico EI :. . .iK ROOM n 2d storj of New Blook. HlSnON' & UEN'DERSON. irbor, .Taii. K 1S01. 'CJ . Z3 Xa ï S SI teaasm. . . : airjsir.aiisrasiairairanantnnn Still in the Field! titii a LARGE STOCK op GOODS in iliy line direct front New York, Boston, and tho Manufacturero! I havo jut reoolved a large and woll eelecteaasortmont CLOCKS, WATCHE8, jvj S7ST DE Xa E?. -. SILVEll & PLATED WARE, Musical Instruments, Table and Pocket Cutlery (OLD PENS, Anl a groat variety of Yankee Notions, tc. I wonldoall particular atteution to my large stock'of SPECTACLBS, of Gokl, üilver, Steel, and Plated, with PEE SCOPIC GLASS A superior article, aml a grent vaxtetjj af rtrticlca in tlio imO3EXE-A. IE C-A-S. eg d ' : ■ '' ' dlffeolt v. { ii M v. th gltuBRefl, can bc nocomnoditted as mj i ■ k : , largo ttri l complet?) l1' S, l'articuh-r at)tDt ■ U paW bo tU REPAIEING '■! :l1 tíndfe Ol Fino Watchos, stich U Blaldng & Setting New Jewels, PINIONS, STAFFS and CYLINDERS, also CLOCKS, AND JEWELRY, Xeatly Bepattfed and warranted. C. BLISS. AnfujtiW, 1S60. T68M Ayer's Ague Cur.


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