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GREAT, GREATEK GREATESJ, BAKGA.IKS EVEIÏ QÍTJEBED 1859. ; -.1859. En tliia City, ;ire uow being offcred at tlis CIIEAr,CLÜCK,WATCU, & Jewolry StoreTUK Subscribir wouldiny to thccitizensof Ann Arbor.i;i particular, and the reat of VVashtcu ;-.v (Vijn'v in irenornl. thiit hchnsjuat lMrOKl'ED Dlju:c I !.Y trom EURPB. TremcndotiB Stock of Wat ches! Ah of whlch li" himlsliinuuilftoscll CHEtPEK tlian ranhebonght west of New York City. Oprn Face i'yiirj.lrr Wfir.ches trom 86" to $10 do do Lever do do 8 to 91 Eluntlng Case da do do 14 to 35 do do Cylindcr do do 9 to 28 Gold Watohes trom 20 to 150 1 I.nve nltso tlio CELKBRATED AMERICAN WAT CHES, whïch I wlll sen ttr $35. Evory Watch warranted to perfora) wc 11, or the monoy rrlundetl. Clockê, Jewflry, IMftted Ware, Fnncy Guola. Gold Pens, tfaalca] [aetromonti and rit rings, Cutïery, &.c, and ín fnrt n vaiirty of everytnfng ujun11y ítept by JcwSlera can be hnnghtfortlji? next ninety d -tys t your O W N TRICES! I'ereons buyinj iiijytliing at thia wc 11 known ostsblUuiiH! ut can ely apon getting gootis exuct'y as reprcs(;i:t'd, or tin1 mmtcy rei'uiided. Oal)iurly and accure the bi'si b:irgiiins ever oftured iu tlijf City. Ono word in regard to Eepairing : We nrr preparcd to ir.nke any repairs onfine or common Wfitohes, ten f o mèktogo er tbe estiro wntch, it' nacessary. Repalring of Cloeka nnd Jewelry es uaunl. Also the mnnntacturine oi RINGS, BROOCH8, or onything riesfrful, fr-mi California Gold on short noticiï. EnffTöTlPc i" nlUts braocbueexeentod withnent in-es and dispoteh. J C. WATTS. Anu Áibor, Jan, 3Btti1869. 7L4w IIORACE WATERS, AGENT 33 3 Broadway, New York PublUher of?!n,.lp and BooUs .AND DK.M.EH I Pianos, Welodeons, AJexandre Organa Organ Accordeons, Mnrtirrs celebrated andother Guitars, Violins, Tenor Viols, Violinoellus, Accordeons, Flutinas, Flutos, Fifes, TrïaDglesCJari )nett&, Timing Forks.Pipes andllainmorft, Violiu Bow.ï, bcstltalian Strings, Bass Instruments for Bands, Piano Stool?, and covers, and all kinds of Musical Instruments. 3 la. o o t TVE ix S i o, from all the publisbera in the lT. B., Bertinl's Huntin's, . raSobool, AndaU ktndfl of InsractioD Booka for the :il"Vi Instruments; Charoh Muwic Books Yuimc èlegantly bouud; Illusie paper, and all kinds ut' Uusic ;.;.-i ;, A t t lieLowcst Price s. New Pianos, At H75, ?20t)' 22fti S250,andup to $800. Seoond, Hand Pianos frow $23 up to160; ïiatf Ueloáaonn, S46, .-.' .i. 75, L0 '. nod up t 9200; éecoiid Hand M ■ Wexandrei ■ Bve itopSjiieO, .-. $186 and S225 thirteen stops, $230, $278 and ops,$320and $376; A UBeral discount , men, Churchi 8, Sabbs tn Schools, Seminaries . The Trade supplied attheasual tra4e liscouni.s Testimoniáis of ilie Hornee Waters Planos j;ml Metodoons John Hewett, of CarthRfl,Now York, who haa had ono of the HoraccWatcrB Pianos, writesaa follows: - ilA frlend of mine wishes me to pnrcli&se ;i piano Tor i.,-!-. Sic ""f1 yon sold int' :n Dcccidín ir in íliis piuco, and I tlünk I otttrc'óne or tw ■■ to; Ihey wilt bemorepopó:-ny other ■ 'Wc Pianos ín ose in oor&mí nary, ■ en severcly tovtcl for three ., 1 fre e:tn U'-it i; v Lo thefr (food iKility and dura. AfoKRf OarroÜi Iu'. "1!, Watera, K-i.- Ibn Sik: Haring ued oueof your Piano Forje TorWo I have r. = n 1 1 1 H a very superior Inétryfi Atoxzo Cjj i'ri.-ripat Jfrookfyn fír.fghls StXÜi ''Tlie Vinno I reccived from you continups to ■ . ■. one of the best instrumenta En tne ■ hnrUtUm, Va. "The ■' Afely arrivca. I feel objiged to you fbry our liberal discount.-' Ktiv, J. M. HcCORMICk, YarqiiesviltiS, C. "Tbc piano vas duíy fewfróíl. Itcamfl in excellent . ch admired by my iniMern-.i, fkmilj Aocopi my thanks for your promptztess." - .nihavi, Bradjoed Co. Pa. "Your as wclï, It Ia the beat ono in our bounty.'- Tb OfoS A. Latham, CampbdUon, Ga. "We rao vci r much obliged to you forfaañng sent acb a - :i;i.v.vií!lí:íi.n& Co., i Democrat, -TiK Boraco Watera Pianos aro known asamoog th totj beei Wb to Bpeak of thene Inaira menta trilh ennfldinco, froxn persoi "f thcir excotlent tono and durable quallty."- ff. Y. Evangelist. 'We au speak ot the jnerita of the Horaoe Waten pl■n;iï knowledge, asbaiog the very flnesi in:iVy.''-Chrigti.i;i Int et tig en eer. "The Horaee Waters pianos aw ouiltof the bost and m,-1 materfal. We have no doubt that buyeracan fchan a Jny otUorhouse in the Union." - Advocate and Journal Watera' ])ianos and melodeona challenge oomparlflon uiih the toestmadeiHiywhere in the co.uu-y." --llame Jotunal ■ ','Horace WMors' Piano Fortéa aro of fuii, nch and cveu tone, amlpowcrf til- N. Y. Musical Rrritm. "Our frfondfl fflll tod a1 Mr. Watere' rtore the vory bost assortment of Mustc nml of Pianos to bc fbund in -. e .,.;. j - .:.- R(aud we urge our southera ana western friendfi to give Mn a cali wlienever they go to NOw Vork." - Grakavi's Magazine. Warehouse 333 Broadway, N. Y. Sab ba t h S ch ooi Bell, 100,000 Issued In ten Months. Tlie unproceclpntwl snlo of tliis book lias Muced tlic publisherto addmino ") uèw tunmanahymnstolta iro. irithout oxtr.-i charco, t!XCPit on tho cbeap e !! Amöiig t'iomiiny boautiful tunes and hymn! ■ rminil:- "I ongU1 U loTO iny mother:!' -- 1 ' H ,.. child, indeoo I will." TUeso nm oiurlit oUtora Som the Bell, were nung t tbe Snriday School AnniTOP. saij df tlie M. B. ('iuircli at Aoademjr of Uoslo, wiUb ?reát 'JTlic Ball ottaina nearty 200 tunes and hymns, and ie ono ■ tl' best coUecttona everimucd. e Je Qegantly boimd, ,rüi, ;v, sa) por 100 K bas been Introduce intomanyof tae PubliaScbools. ;, . : ; - publbibed in Bmall aumbers enntlea Anntchool Muslc BookSj Nos. 1,2, 3, tz i in 1 ■ to ttccominodate 1lio miUion;price ?2 k Si pcv bandrêd Ño. 5 wlll sodnbe Imaed - commenewnpnt of book. Also, ROTival Mlo Book, No. 1 !!■ inicu $1 & 82 pov 100, poitage lo. Morethaa ooo.uou oopip oiöio aiove boolu hare been issned tóe past elghtcen monüi, and tbu demanr] Is rapWly norcasing. Fublishod bv u IIORACE WATER8. Agent, 333 Broadway, N". i'. Publised by Horaee "Watoi's No. 333 Ilroadway, New York. Vocal "Kind Wordt can oever die;" "The Angels toM me boj" "Wlldsoftbe W.-st:" ''Thongbte of God;" "Givd mebaob my Mountaln Home;" "Day Dreams;" ■l';i':[ï Oook Robín;" 'Tm witli thee stül;"Peinainei'1 'sno darilog liko mine:" "S&iab Jane Ie"Erer oL thri-;" "I'in leaTiBgtnee 'm Sorrow;" Beauty ;" "Homo of car birthg" "Grave of lïosabel," and 'Wake, lady; wake,,' priee 26e eaoh. ' iMsnunooTAh - ' 'Palaoe Garden, or Slnging BH rolka.' 40c; "Swinging Behotttoehe;" "Mtaabel Sonot ti=ch-!' 'Thomas Baker's Scbotttoche;" ■'Piccolomini : Ti conts cacli. The aboMpleeeshavebeanöfttl Vkmottco. "Welmer Polka;" "Arabaui Wai oryilaroh, tho vorv "Tagsortanna Dontell Mawirka; "Rea-u l'cilka" "Crinoline Walt," and "lancera' Qua ■-i'ie'oach. "Tho bnptnof Beioh'a Quadrille;" a danoe, aiil "The EQbernian Quadrille," 35coach. Many of hêo pieoes nro played by Baker's oelebrated oroh--t ra "itli eroat Malled froe. A (arge l"t Of Foreign Music at half prioe. Pianos, Melodeous and Orgaus. The Ilmacc Waters Hanos and Melodeons,ror depth, purily of tono and durablbty, are unsorpassed. Trices v,-v low Seoond Hand Pianos and Melodeonsfrom $25 to :!.,'. Muslc and Musical [nutruettons of all kinds, at the lowest prioos. I ' ' : ICE WATERS, Agent, No. 3ö" Broadway, N. Y. Testimoniáis; - "Tlie Hornci' Watera Piano are known as among the rery best.' - Evangelist. "Wocan íiio.iú of tbeii marttafron personal knowlclg,,. _ chrulian Intelligenter. "Nothiiif! at the Fair displiiyed greater excellence ■"- Chnrchman. Waters' Pianos and Ifelodeons eliallenireconipariHon witb the linrst niaik' anywherein the country.""- Jlomc Journal. 'lutr Irving's "Works - National Editiou IT1HIS Fine Edltlon if V,c Works of Wapuixotox 1b ' (including the Ufe of '" b0 lnlb' SUBSCRIBBRS OIÑLY In Montlily Volumes, Priee $1.50 Piiytible on Delivery. Beantifully Printud on heavy Bubernoe paper, of 'thi it quality, and substantially bouñd i Deavj bcTeUed boards, (CTEnch illustrated with Vigncttc: on Stcol and AVooJ, xj Knickeri'ockcr's New York, SkuMi Book, Cloth. Columlius. :; vol, ïïracobriiljiiï llnll, Tales of a Travelor, Crayoi C;L]t. Bonnen lUe, Olivar i ;■'!■'■ mi1'-1 , Mabqmot. S i"'s. Greua'ta, AJhambr , Woltert's I'.oost, Life of Washington, 5 vols, tuodi. . . :. ,11 l,i' sul.l i:nriiv::ij to and wlll bo groatly superior to any i ,r bi fcrol ■., ,1,A v.iy ■ i ot theBO unlvewany popumr worli. atllu plftfica wlthinthe meanB-ofall. e p. PUTNAM, Agt., Publinbar. 115 Mat . m 8treet, York


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