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■■■I ■ MIVIM- - ■ City Cheap Lumbcr Sash, Doors Bliwl?, Piaster Paris Orand liiver Piaster, Water Lime, Nails of all sizes, Glass, Puint and Pulty, c6c, í-Gí.1. . D. ÖeForest, HA VING Incrnased lils faoilitios for doin; bnoineaa and enlargcd his Yard and Stock, is prelai(;d tta present aeason, witb tr c bil!, Inrgesl and 8titi6onotl stock Gverin tliia marlet to satis ty the reaeonnble oxofletations of' all. Óui motto is not to be undcrsold tor citsh on dölivery I wil 1 not undertaketo frlgHesthe publii by iftylüfl thnt theywill petahnved ii thoy buy eleewhrri!, for -.vt presume that othernwiliscllnslGwasthey can afford to. All kinds of Tïmbcr, Jolsts, and Scantlln, Fine, White wood, lïasawood , Hem lork, Planea and Matched Pine, Whitewood Aeh F looi inc. Plftnednnd rouh Pin e aml Whitowood 8idInR,Fcict. rust 8 1 OokandCodar Posts and Pickct6 oí uil kinds. $me f atlj, anb ÏDIjittiDoob %. A] Ttnn, Ashani Whitewood Shlnglrr, Barn Boards and Bain Floor Plank, RlaekWi.uut.andChnrry aud thin stuff, Wacon nnd BUGGY AXLES and TONGUES, Iloxund Body Lumber.MapleLog Timber, Ilickory, Oak, Ash, Elm, Becch, Ofull;hicknes80s,widths nndlengths.&c. &c, Piaster Paris, and Piaster ofallkinds. lTLvilai oí all slzeo, &c, Sec. 8ASIT, DOOIIS,& BL1NDS, made b y lifind to order as lowns factor y pricce. on tho sliortcstnotice by the ucstof workmen, and Best Seasoned Lumber. Rille ofall dcacription in thn abovc building ïinc ; furnieludontheshortpstof notioe, for We kave Mills Cutting Rcgtdarly A ful! nndu perfect aaaortment of the abovc anc other kiucie oí' Building Materials Constantl y onhand at tin lowestpossible ratet Cali and be Convinced. A few rods soutJi frnm R. R. Depot or, Detroit Street, Ann Arbor, Mich. EOOFIN Q, N.B. - I am now operating Extenslvelj In the Patent Cement Roofiiig. ItOOMXS & TRÏPF, Succe.sors to Cbapin &, Tripp & Loomis rtTUK above ilrm of Loomis & Tripp havlng purcliascl X the entfre interest of the tórmvt cbmpu conüuue tlie business :it tb.'1 old stands, where they wiil be 11 ady, on the ahortest notice, to fill all orders in tbc tinc of Castings and Machinery, in the inost wprkmanUke roAnjicr, aml on as tiboral tennii ivh any otliefsbop intht Htftte.Amonjï the variou8 articlt'siiiiinufactun.'i.l by aS, we wouM cnumoraíe STJEAMENGINES of all kinds; Mili Gearing and Flxtures, wTOQffhtftnd cast; ;ill the ïarious castings for msking and repatring Ilorse Powors & Thresbing Machines BBCh as are at present, or have formérly Wen in use in this ]:irt Of State, ns well all the various kw of Oftstinga nnd machine wnrk callodor by farmers &ud mechani:.s intliis sectEon of the conniry. of all the vaTfióa8 patterns, up in slzesand nrfcefl wïll be kept constuntly ou hani,i;jt the most modern and improved style. rHUIlBARDS WROTTGHT IRON REAPERS & MOWEÏIS. Etoving commeneefl manufacturing tbla aunerioxMachinOj Buigle tüd romliined, the farmors are invited to cali and see a specimen maebicG now In out wave room, ulngelsewhere, beliovinS thattbia machine nét-d only to be seen t[ Oonvince the farmer of ITS SUPERIOKITY over the Re.ipers and Mowers in thïa market. Tliaukful for formar patronado to the old firms. we wou ld solicit a conttnaanoe from old ! ;■. tti&J by all wishing foranything in our line of biúii i LOOXIS & TRIPP. Ann Arbor,May 18th, 1859. O'JTtf SCHOFF & MILLER RE SÏII.I. ON" HAND at tboir 61d Stand, il No. 2, Franklin Block, witli tho most complete asHortment of Books and Stationery, PERFUM.EEIES, FANCY GOODS, WALL AND WINDOW PAPERS, SHADES, ROLLERS, CORDS, TASSELS, GILT CORNICES, CURTAINS. HOOKS AND PINS, STERSOSCOPES & VIEWS &c. Ever offercd in this Market ! aml they wouU suggest tothose in pursuit cfanythingin SANTA OLA US' LINE that they can secure a Doublé Christmas Present ! by parohastng from this stock, as eaeh purchaser gets an additioual present of Jewelry , &c. , lianging in value from 50 ets. to 850. Theytrnst that theïrloog oxpertenoe in solocting goods for this imirket, nnd strict ittentmn to the fftttttfl of CuLtouiers,may eatitle tbem to a liberal share óf Pal mr.age. Ann Arbor, Dec. 5. 18C0. "Ttf jEYE and EAH. J DR. F. A.TÍÁDWELL, 'sft;-;" ' " oiKRATOR I :; CBS Bit 4HD EL Fov loafiicss. Blind nes, and uil Icfcctü of Stglit nnd HearingDR C. BEING A r.K;n.AK Physiclui,irith twkhi'x VK Mis1 exolaáve iimctice in tl"' öatmon of Heoaw Of.the KVK AND KAK, wi!l bc i'"".l qu.'ililii'.l to Kvo relief of óflbet a dure i atiy case withiu the reach I human skilt. No ckurge for an cxambw.tlcm or an opinión, or for mtavcccfsi'id srrvtc-.'. Dn. C.'s Trkaiisf. ox tuk Kyu jixd Eau, of 300 pp., coutaininji refBreocos, TeatlmonlalSiDescripíiono] Dia i , , i , ■ , :n otbei importani mafterJÜlostrated v. ith Cuta, to bo hvgratis, by sonüing Ten Cents to pay poatago. Address Dr. Cadwbj. M Eandolph Street i-.iri'T Heaburn, Chicftgo.IU. 3y768 1861. 18G1. NEW STORE NEW SPRING GOODS! C. H. MILLEN & CO. Havo removed io theïr Drick Storo roeently ocenpied by A. DeForest, aml are now receiviug a SPLENDID STOCK OF GOODS FOR THE SPRUSTG TRA.DE, Among which aro Staple Dry Goods of all kinds, BEAUTIFUL NEW STYLES, TUDIMINGS, SHAWLS, CLOAKS, BONNETS. RIBBONS, &c, &c. Choice FAMILY Groceries, BOOTS, SHOES, & CR0CKERY. Aho an cnlire New Stnck (f Carpets and OU Cloths, of New and Bcautiful Palterns, THESE GOODS WERE BOUGHT AT PA.TIC PEIOES! a.i i we om iatwy "" '■'" "" "";' amiuc our Stock, that Qoodara Clua,üns .-,# for CASH OR RE AD Y PAY. C MILLEN & CO. Ann Arbor, Maroh 26 1801. VU


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