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PCBLISHl :::■. MY Ikii..iv Moi:m.v:, in the Third Story jilho ttrick Blpc'k, ■ -■' ' ; :ii-':" ■"lli Hutoö jlrefts, Ann Arbor, Washtenaw Co., Michigan, ' Entrance on Huron Si reet, opposite the Fnmlil'n. ELIHTT 33, POND Editor ancL Publislier. TE.1MS, S1,5O A YESK IN ADVAStB, ADVF.HTISING. ' Ine square (12 lincs or loss) one week, ö(J cents; and 5 èëiits Coï every inscrtion thercafter, less than three Qionths. i(KSl"!ri! 3 months $2 Qawtcrasi. 1 '-0 Dao do 6 do 6 Half col'mn 6 mot 18 ln 1 year S Ilnlf lo ] yoar C6 [■., si'tcs 6moS S Om rtn C mos 88 .V..J2 U do 1 Adverfisiniïiits uimccomiMniod by writtenTrverbI dii-fctions isilll"? pubürilied until ortk-ied out, and tuargoil ai-1-í.i-.üngly. ;.,.;;:1 a-lvorlisi-monts, first insertion, 50 conti per nlio 75 cents per fnlio for ench subsequeni u 'hen a postponímem is aüded toan aavertiscinfnt the whole will be eharged the sanie as tor lirst insertiou. JOB I=ÜI3SrTI3SrC3-. yaniphlets, IlaniMriUs, Tcul.ivs. ("aids, Hall Tickets, ind ther Tarieties of 1 :n nw Fancy Job l'riuting, sxocuted KÏth promptncss, ad in the bet style. BOOK bTnDING, Connected with the Office is a Book Bindery m chnrgo f a competent Torkman. County Records, Idpers, Journals, and all kir s of Blank Bwks mejte to order ud of the best ;tock. Payphlcta and Pcrioienls lionnd inaneat ahi dïtiblimao :■■-. nt Detooit (rices. Knrue.etoBiuiJorythrough IEUCS Office.


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