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e ■ . - - insnieíB íCurerturn. I. OU . t TTTASItTEMAW I.OD0E No. 9, of the Independent VV orïer of Odil Fellows ineet :it their Lodgd Room, everv Fridny eTGDlng, :it 7} o'clocfc, M." V. K.'.TON'KS. X 8. J. F. SniJilsG, Sec r. kglttïïe"iüakü & son , WHOLESALE AND RETAE. Groen ana Ommission Marchante, East si Ie Main Mrcct Anu Arbor. B. IIESSE, PiivsiriAN ís Sros II,. ;,,. liÍKlly tenfler lus prn. feaiiooa) Bortii es 10 tht oitizens of Aon Arbor c I ,. in Hack's Xew Building, Mam Btn et, Ann Micll. N. R Niglit calis protnply attendeá to. TWITCHELL e CLAHK. A ttoexets and Counsellors at Law, Genend Ufe anci KireTusavance %onts. Office in City Hall Block, nHuronSt., Ann Albor. ColleoUons prompfly made Ji Iremittert, -inil plal attention paid to conveyancing. d.s. TiviTciiKi..., rn '"'" " j."m. "scott7 MHROTTrE & PHOT00WH AIDS, to the rooms VfoiBierlyoocupleabyCordley,overthetreofSpiiJ k lloare Perfect satUfüotton guarantMO. riïALER in Dry Goorts, Bootf snShoe, Grnceries, HonU nets, Fancf, &0. . faehangB Bluck, Aan Arbor. WINES & KNÏGHT. DUUU in Stapte, Vnncy l'ry Coods, Boots and Shoes, &c. &c, llainSti-oet Aan Arboe. " MAETIN & TH0MP80K puRNiTl-RE Warhüoí.ms, Dealer in all kmds of Furaiture, l? &c. -New Block, Jhua Street. RISDOF&HENDE KSON, DKALEBS in Hardware,töi ;.i..,.6S..-, Tin Wat ice. Í.,N Uloek, Main Street. A. P. yiLLS. ■ Dkaier ín Sïaple Dry ftoods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes aud B ' ÜUng, Hurentreet Aan & rbor BEAKEs & ABEL, TTORNETS& CorNSEU ,ta at Uw, aad Soliritors in cbanery. office in City Halt Block, mar Webster k Co's Hook Store, Ann Vrhur , KlÑGtíLEY & 10RGAN, A ttoksevs, Counsellor, golicltors, and Notarle PnbPLüZiZ ■ B .oks and Plats showing title of all lanrts E the :.ounty,andattendtoconveyancingandcollecaiig emandi, and to paying taxea and -hooi mierest in any ,,nt of the State OBiceeastsiieofthe Square, Ann Aroor. "Ta mes r. cook, TrRC9 of thk FKACK. Office near the Deüot, Ypsilanti , IflebigM. " "WhTLEWITT, M. D., PBTHCIAS & Sl-RfiBlN. Office at his residenoe X-v;h Md ofH.m.nstreet.aod-idliouM! West of División (treet, Ann Arbor. O. COLLIER, Manufactcrer and dealer in Buots and Shocs. F.xchanSe Block, 2 doorB South of Maynard, Stebbins II WDjOll'a Store, Ann Arbor, Wou. " MOORE sTlOOMH. HTixi-FACri-RCTB an1 Jealer in Boots anó Slwes VI Phoeaix Block, Jlain Street, one door Nortli of Vaahington. Wm. S. BAUNDEKS, FNealer in Boots Simes, and Rubbers, Ann Arbor Casb j Boot & Shoe Store, south side of Public Square. M. GUITERMAN & CO, Wholksale and Rctail dealers and manufacuirers of BeidylIadeClothing, Importers of Clothfe, Oassineree, üoeskins, &c. No. 5, New Block, Ann Arbor. C. B. PORTER -„- Surgkox PEXnsr. Office corner of Main t' ■feand Hnron street-i, over P. Bach's store, fjfll Ann Arbor Michigan. Wit. WAGNER, D kaler in Ready .Made Ciotliing Cloths, Cassimeres and Vesting, Hals, Caps, Trunks, Carpet Bags, &c. llain it. , Ann Arbor. BACH & PIERSON . Deau:rs in Dry GoodB, Grocerie?, Hardware, Boots & Shoes, &c, Main street, Ann Arbor. MAYNARD, STEBBINS & CO., OUUDM in Dry Gnnrls iirncerips, Drugs & Medicine, yioots ESnoea, Bc, oro nor n ■!■ -5 -- - --■. usttelw the Excliange, Ann Arbor. SLAWSON & GEER, (ROCEBS Provisión & Commission Merchants.and dea.T Iers in Water Lime. Lam Plastes, and Flastsb of Paris, one door East of Cook's Hotel. C. BLISS, OitAlSRln-Clocka, Wltches, iewelry. and F:incy Goods, at the sign of thoBigWatch, No. 'il , Vlirenix Wock J. O. WATTS. DEALKRinClocks, Watclics, Jewclry andSilver Ware No ■22, New Block, Aun Albor. t7bTfre e man. Barher and Fasliionable Hair Diesser, Main Street, Ann Arbor, Micli. Uair Fronts and Curls kept sonsUintly on itan-l. SOHOFF & MILLER. Dealers in Miscellaneous, School, and Blank Books Sta tionery, Paper Hangings, &c, Main Street Ann Arbor. MISS JENNIE E. LINES, TEACHER OF PDum Furto, Guitar.nml Singing, beins desirousof enlalgli will receive pupile at (hc restdence of Prof. WINCHELL, which bei.iï ""■ the Union School, will bc very conrenient for snel) scholarsattending there who may wisli to pursue the study ofrousicin connéetion wííli otlior branebes. TormsSlO, half to be paid at the middle and tlic the close fo the term. D. DkFOEEST. lirnoiESALEand Retail Dealerin Lumber, lath, ShinII gles, Sasb, Doors, Blinda, Water I.ime, Graad Rivc-r 'lanter, l'laster Pui, and Nails of all sizes. A full and perfect ortment of tbc above, and all other iinds of building malerials conatantly on hand at the lowest poBsible rates, on troit Street, a few ruds from the Railroad Depot. Also oneraling extensively in the Patent Cement Koofing. "WASÜTËNiWCOUNTY B11ÍLE SOCIETY. ; efositoby of Biblos ani T&turaents at tlie Society ÏJ prices at W. C. YoorUein CHAPÍN, WOOD & CO., SUCCESBOBB TO Print, BooIsl AND - COLORED MEDIUMS, V xra,iTLs Papor,c. ANN AliUOLi Bil. H. A. J. SUTHERLAIVD HASromovtidhisGun ShoptotheNew Block"n Hutouatrcet, aouthol the Oourt Houf o,untaesecoBd floor, wherr he is ircpnred to fu rnish Guns, Pistols, Ammunition Flasks, Poahes Game Bags, and Every other artiele in liis Line. po themoBtrciisoniiblc ti-rmp.nnil to do nll kinds o n. os r -A. x leí i rj goa the shurtet notice.nud i n the best inannei , o II a 3 or tui jat always k,-pt ou hand,ond madetoer


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